Scarlet Hollow: All Achievements Guide (Chapters 1-3)

This is an achievement guide for Scarlet Hollow, for (currently) chapters 1, 2, and 3! It will include all the achievements and a brief description on how to get them, in mostly chronological order of achieving them. Be warned! This guide contains spoilers for Scarlet Hollow!


Chapter 1 Achievements

Junior Mouseketeer

During interaction with Tabitha in the car ride to the estate, choose the option marked as being members of the dead mom’s club. Then when talking with Stella after choosing your snack in the woods, follow the dialogue tree to uncover that Stella’s parents are deceased. Choose the dead mom’s club option again.

That Damned Smile

The easiest and fastest way to get this achievement is to choose the explore option in the kitchen when she is showing you the estate, asking her how she knew you liked peanut butter and jelly. It can be earned at several places in the game, though.

The Boy Who Cried Nice House

Essentially, lie about liking each room while Tabitha is giving you the tour of the estate. Do not choose the option with Street smart labelled, or you will get away with lying, and not receive the achievement.

What Were You Expecting?

Pet Frou-Frou multiple times while in the Estate. The first is during the tour, and the second time is after, when you enter the kitchen for a second time.

Urban Explorer

Use the explore options to check every room in the estate.

Patient Zero

Without having the strong build trait, eat the takeout in the fridge in the estate. Keep yourself from throwing up until you reach the diner.

Cooking By the Book.

Make the PBJ sandwich in the kitchen.


Make a nest for the possum in your dresser with your clothing while putting them away in your room. I do not believe you need the talk to animals trait to achieve this.

Master Codebreaker

Enter the Forbidden Wing of the estate by using the Street Smart trait to unlock the doors.


Choose a dialogue option that requires at least two traits. This is easy enough to get over time regardless of your trait choices while playing the game, but an early one in the game is when meeting Stella in town, if you have the keen eye and mystic traits when Stella asks how Tabitha is doing.

Can You Pet the Dog?

Pet Gretchen after meeting her. You won’t be able to get this achievement if you have the Talks to Animals trait, since the option to pet her won’t be given.

Old Yeller

Choose to save Duke in the woods.

Poor Trigger Discipline

Choose to save Gretchen in the woods.

Ya Blew It

This is easy to get in the first chapter by choosing either Gretchen or Duke while having the powerful build, but the way to unlock this achievement is avoiding using the trait that can save everyone during a crucial moment.

Porqué No Los Dos?

Have the Strong Build. Choose to save both Duke and Gretchen in the woods.


With the Strong Build, after saving Duke and Gretchen, choose the powerful build option to fight the Ditchlings on the way to the truck.

Slumber Party!

End Episode 1 at Stella’s.

Good Cousin

End Episode 1 at the Estate.

Chapter 2 Achievements

Evil Has Triumphed

In a game with the Talk to Animals trait, during chapter 1 you have to tell Gretchen you’ve met Frou-Frou on meeting her. When you are faced with your choice at the end of chapter 1 of who to save, you have to sacrifice Gretchen. Then you must return to the estate to sleep. When you wake the next morning, you can inform Frou-frou of Gretchen’s death.

Gretchen Sends Her Regards

Similar to evil has triumphed, but you must save Gretchen instead. Then when you wake at the estate, you can inform Frou-frou she still lives.


When you meet Sybil and Avery in town, tell Avery the truth about the night before.

Alright Then, Keep Your Secrets

When you meet Sybil and Avery in town, do not tell Avery the truth. You can lie, or you can tell them you don’t want to talk about it. Either decision will count.

I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends

You must have met Sybil in episode 1 by going with Stella to see her. In episode 2 when you reach town you will spot Sybil and Avery interacting. After Avery leaves, you will be prompted to say something. Pick the dialogue option “What is wrong with you people?” and then click every explore option.

Coffee Date

Visit Avery in the cafe and speak to them.

Ronnie the Rat

You must Snitch on Three different people. There are a few options for doing this.

  • After having miles tell you you can take the chips in the general store, tell Kaneeka at the library.
  • Admit to Reese’s mother that you want to take him on an adventure.
  • When you are in the mining camp, you can visit Tabitha and tell her that Kaneeka and Stella sent you to investigate.
  • When in the mining camp, if you’ve spoken to all miners, you can tell Tabitha you know about her relationship with Wayne. She will ask who told you, and you can give the miners’ names.

Just Browsing

Enter the general store before the library. Leave without stealing any chips.

Sticky Fingers

When you enter the general store, ask how much chips are. When miles offers for you to take them, agree to do so.

Father, How Do I Click the Book?

Don’t read any of the books in the library during research with Kaneeka and Stella.


This achievement requires you to have the Bookworm trait. Doing so will show an additional book and additional entries. Read all the available books.

I (Don’t) Want to Believe

Take the keen eye trait. Go to the nest at the end of chapter 1 (i am unsure it matters who survives, or if you need to mention that it looks like a mountain lion in her video at the diner). Then in chapter 2, read the folktale about the Wampus Cat. Comment that it sounds like mountain lions. Stella will disagree, and the pick the dialogue option with keen eye to state there was a mountain lion in the nest last night.

Just the Two of Us

In the first chapter, after the woods leave Stella instead of going to Sybil’s. Up the trail to your home, you will encounter Wayne. Do not share anything about Wayne to Stella or Kaneeka before or during your trip to the library in chapter 2.

Mystery Machine

Ride with Kaneeka to the mines.

Into the Woods… Again

Walk with Stella to the mines.

I’m Not Owned! I’m Not Owned!

In chapter 1, make sure you eat the take out, and then throw up at the diner. When the miners see you in chapter 2 in the camp, they will refer to you as pukey. Resist the nickname through one of the explore options.

Prying Pandora

Having the Strong Build and Street Smart traits, when in the mining camp and confronted by Wayne, attack him. When you do there will be an option to remove his veil. Choosing that will unlock the achievement.

Imma Deck You in the Schnoz!

While Playing the Powerful Build, pick a fight at least twice. I believe one option that works is picking a fight with Duke in the woods, and then fighting the ditchlings in the clearing, but in chapter 2 it is also possible to pick a fight with Wayne in the mining camp.

Nosy Nancy

Talk to all three groups of miners.

Stealth Run

Leave the mining camp without Tabitha knowing you spoke to the miners. This can be accomplished by leaving the camp without speaking to all groups of miners, or by having Street Smart as a trait, which allows you to slip away before Tabitha sees you.

I Want to Talk to Your Manager

Visit Tabitha’s office to see her at the mining camp (i do not know if it counts if she catches you instead).

Courtesy Call

Call Tabitha to tell her about the kids in the mines, but don’t wait for her.


Call Tabitha to tell her about the kids in the mines, and then wait for her.

Out of the Loop

Go after the kids without telling Tabitha.

No Man Left Behind

Rescue Becka and Alexis in the mines.

Cutting Your Losses

Leave the Becka and Alexis in the mines.

Pro Babysitter

Have the Keen eye trait. You will see Rosalina trying to slip away in the mines. Tell her not to do so, and then collect the other girls and escape.

Chapter 3 Achievements


Don’t shower in Episode 3

Wash away your sins


Playing the Field

Message both Kaneeka and Stella in the morning in chapter 3 about hanging out (it may not be necessary to text both about hanging out, and just require you to text both of them).

Mr X.

In chapter 2, with the Street Smart trait speak to the mining groups, and approach the second group. Speak to them about Wayne. Ask who he was seeing and press them. When you do, they will leave, but Isaacs will hesitate before leaving. You will gain an option to slip him your information. In chapter 3 he will request a meet-up, and seeing him will unlock this achievement.

I can fix her!

Spend your morning with Tabitha in chapter 3.

Southern Hospitality

Spend your morning with Stella in chapter 3.

Family Burdens

Spend your morning with Kaneeka in chapter 3.

Thunder Road

Have a high relationship with Kaneeka in the game (having the hot trait will help with this). While hanging out with her in the morning, choose the dialogue options that encourage her to leave town. Either ask to be invited, or if your relationship is good enough and you have keen eye, she may invite you herself.

I’m Looking Respectfully.

Spend your morning with Oscar in chapter 3.

Let’s See Who This Really Is

Make a Scooby Doo reference in Chapter 3. It is possible to do this by visiting Oscar in the morning and stating the ghost may be a man in a mask, but it has recently been updated that saying to search for clues in the haunt itself will also unlock this achievement.

New Kid in Town

Spend your morning with Avery in chapter 3.


When either Avery or Isaacs tells you about the strike, warn Tabitha.

Generous Campaign Contribution

In chapter 1, take the peanuts from the bus guy. When you encounter the Mayor, he will notice you have them. Select the prompt to give him the peanuts.

Monster Lover

With the hot trait, do not take Tabitha with you to the ghost hunt. While interacting with Wayne, you can use the hot trait to flirt with him to unlock this achievement.

The Gang’s All Here

In chapter 1, make sure you save Gretchen, and in chapter 2, make sure you save Alexis. Invite both Avery and Tabitha to go ghost hunting with you.

Tight-Knit Social Circle

In chapter 1, do not save Gretchen, and in chapter 2, leave Alexis and Becka in the mines. Do not invite Avery or Tabitha to the ghost hunt.

Not an Ambi-Turner.

Do not invite Tabitha to the ghost hunt. When you are alone, attempt to leave. When you are in the hallway with the door, pick the ‘turn back around’ option until the game pushes you into the next scene.


With the Mystic trait, choose the dialogue option at the bottom of the selection to channel the spirit. Do so for every dialogue option throughout the haunt.

Get Out of My Head!

With the Mystic trait, do not choose any of the dialogue options that channel the spirit during the entire haunt.

Cat and Mouse

Do not invite Tabitha to the ghost hunt, but do invite Avery. Every time Wayne arrives, run away from him instead of engaging.

Kaio-ken… TIMES THREE!

With the Strong Build trait, choose a third method of violence. This can be done against the ghost, or against Wayne.

The Sins of the Father…

Resolve the Haunting without using a special trait.

Are To Be Laid Upon the Children

Resolve the haunt where either you or Tabitha take the deal.

Shall Not Be Visited Upon the Son

Leave instead of resolving the haunt.

The Illusion of Choice

Have an excellent relationship with Tabitha and invite her to the ghost hunt. When you make the decision to take the deal, Tabitha will take your place instead.

The Haunted Turnabout

With the Book Smart trait, play through the haunt until you reach the courtroom. Choose the dialogue option to state your case and defend yourself.

This House is Clean

With the mystic trait, after leaving the ghost hunt when the ghost has passed one, choose the dialogue option ‘the house is clean’.


Have an excellent relationship with Stella. At the end of episode 3 when you are in bed, she will text you.

Finish the Chapter Achievements


Finish Episode 1


Finish Episode 2


Finish Episode 3.

Mx North Carolina

Finish Episode 1 with Strong Build

Mx America

Finish Episode 2 with Powerful Build.

Mx World

Finish Episode 3 with Powerful Build.

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way

Finish Episode 1 with Mystical

Anakin Skywalker

Finish Episode 2 with Mystical.

Yami Yugi

Finish Episode 3 with Mystical.

Linguini Ratatouille

Finish Episode 1 with Talk to Animals

Jane Goodall

Finish Episode 2 with Talk to Animals.

Beast Boy

Finish Episode 3 with Talk to Animals.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Finish Episode 1 with Book Smart

Magic Treehouse

Finish Episode 2 with Book Smart.

The Twilight Saga

Finish Episode 3 with Book Smart.

Steve from Blue’s Clues

Finish Episode 1 with Keen Eye

Inspector Clouseau

Finish Episode 2 with Keen Eye.

Harry DuBois

Finish Episode 3 with Keen Eye

Candy From a Baby

Finish Episode 1 with Street Smart

Stealing Your Grandma’s Credit Card

Finish Episode 2 with Street Smart.

This is a Stick-Up!

Finish Episode 3 with Street Smart.

Bell Pepper

Finish Episode 1 with Hot


Finish Episode 2 with Hot .


Finish Episode 3 with Hot.

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