SCP Labrat: How to Fix HTC Vive Blink/Sprint Controls

As of September 1st, 2021, there is an issue for HTC Vive players which involves blinking or trying to Sprint, as they both have the same key binding (pressing down on the left track-pad). This guide will demonstrate how to alter your controller’s keybindings without any external modding so this is no longer an issue.


Fixing the Issue
In this guide we will be either altering your key bindings for the Vive controller by creating a personal set of key-bindings as to be sure that the buttons for sprinting and blinking are separate.


We will be using another user’s keybindings who has already fixed the issue so that we don’t need to do it ourselves.

To do this we must:

  1. Start up Steam Vr.
  2. Launch SCP: Labrat.
  3. Press the menu button on your Vive controller (the indented, bottom button).
  4. Go to the “Now Playing” section which should currently be SCP: Labrat if you are not already there.
  5. Click “Controller Bindings.”
  6. To the left of where it says “Active Controller Binding” change this from “DEFAULT” to “CUSTOM.”
  7. Below this you should see “EDIT THIS BINDING” and click it.
  8. You may now edit the controller bindings for SCP: Labrat. I recommend changing the blinking binding to the center of the left track-pad.
  9. Click the “Save Personal Binding” button at the bottom of the menu and be sure your new binding is selected.
  10. OR instead of clicking “EDIT THIS BINDING” in step 7, click the other option next to it, “CHOOSE ANOTHER” and search for binding created by another user which either solves this issue or totally reworks the control scheme. There are several pre-made bindings by various users for the Vive so that you don’t even need to make your own!
  11. Make sure your new binding is selected in the bindings menu.
  12. Press the menu button again, praise the holy peanut that is SCP-173, and have fun trying to stay alive!

By Nauticowl

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