SCP Nine-Tailed Fox: All Achievements Guide

Most achievements on this game are grindy as all hell and annoying so here fore a few tips to some achievements to get them done just a bit faster.


Before reading
Just know these are all just how I personally found it easiest to beat achievements, there’s probably easier ways and if you can find one please do tell me in the comments so I can update the guide to include it. This guide isn’t perfect since it mentions glitches a lot but I do try my best to include a legit way of completing every achievement too.

Achievement “Protecting ears against bears”
“Protecting ears against bears”
“In Waves, kill 100 ear-bears while being in the range of their scream.”

In this achievement you have to kill 100 SCP-1048-A’s (the bears) while they are screaming and damaging you. This is very simple the best way to do it is to just grab a shotgun that you can find around the map and run up to them. The shotgun will one shot them so just wait for them to scream and instantly kill them. Easy achievement just lengthy. A great place to farm this is on the sewers map because they seem to spawn there more. Make sure to play on keter mode so more spawn.

Achievement “Dusk of the Dead”
“Dusk of the Dead”
“In Waves, kill 9178 zombies.”

Pretty simple but lengthy, start this out by just passively progressing it while doing other achievements. If you ever just want to focus it though start up 12 round keter maps and just start killing with everything you can.

Achievement “I only need one shot!”
“I only need one shot!”
“In waves, kill 2 or more enemies with one shotgun shot, 50 times.”

Basically all you need to do is grab a shotgun and just gather multiple enemies up by running in circles around them until they are all bunched together. Once this is done bait them into attacking and hip-fire at them with the shotgun. I usually get two of them with one shot about two times when I do this, so it still takes a long time but it’s a solid strat of doing it.

Achievement “Sharp on sharp”
“Sharp on sharp”
“In Waves, kill 25 instances of SCP-939 using melee weapons.”

I will be telling two glitch methods for this and a legit method for this since I know some players hate using glitches and this will probably be patched in the future.

939 instances will show up on round 5 by the way.

The Glitch Method – You will have to use office map for this to work. Look around the map for awhile and you will find a windowed area that has an entrance in the middle. (location in screenshots) Enter this area and walk as close to the glass as possible on either side. Any enemy that comes near there will try to walk to you through the glass and wont be able to attack you, HOWEVER you can attack through the glass with melee and guns. NOTE that sometimes the enemies will come through a different entrance on the inside of the glass area, how I deal with this is monitor that entrance while knifing the enemies through the glass. if it’s just an 008-1/049-1 coming through the entrance just headshot them with your pistol and carry on. If a 939 instance comes through the entrance just loop them around the map and make them appear at the glass instead.

The Second Glitch Method – Once you kill one 939 instance you can start slashing at it’s corpse with your knife and it for some reason tracks it as more kills… This is great to use with the first glitch method too.

The Legit Method – This is a little complicated but it’s easy if you can understand my weird writing. Basically you’ll need a shotgun, any pistol, any melee but I prefer the knife because it’s faster. Once you see a 939 run up to them and shoot them with the shotgun in the head, switch to your pistol and shoot them three times in the head too (you can get a few more shots in but I only do it three times to play it safe) and then get behind the instance and knife it in the back till it dies. You’ll most likely get bit once doing this but its better than getting bit multiple times trying to knife it.

Achievement “Catch Me If You Can”
“Catch Me If You Can”
“In Waves, run from SCP-939 for 5 minutes total in one game.”

This one is annoying but all you have to do is get to round 5. Once there instances of 939 will start to spawn. Kill every enemy until the last enemy is a single 939 instance. Then get its attention and loop it around different corners in a pattern, DO NOT use the circular room in the middle to loop it as you will run out of stamina and the instance will bite you multiple times. Now don’t worry as the instance can lose sight of you and it wont break the timer. I confirmed this. All it has to do is chase you for a total of 5 minutes, not 5 minutes straight. After awhile you’ll get it.

Achievement “The Mask”
“The Mask”
“In Waves, survive through all 12 waves in the Offices map on Keter difficulty”

This one wont be easy but it can be easier than normal.


We will be using the window glitch for this again. NOTE YOU WILL BE CAUGHT OUT FROM THAT AREA MULTIPLE TIMES IN THIS. There’s 12 rounds to go on this and on Keter mode so you’ll have uninvited guests from the other entrance. Pick up a shotgun and keep the default pistol (the beretta does more damage but the default pistol is way more accurate and you’ll be one shot headshotting everything anyway) keep the knife. Go up to the window and start knifing. Once 939 instances start showing up wait for them to appear at the window and shoot them twice in the head with the shotgun through the window… It will kill them. You can just shoot the 1048-A instances through the window with your shotgun. When the scientist with 035 on appears just shoot him through the window with a shotgun OR have all the generators ready and shock him to get rid of most his health… All you gotta do is kill him and the round will end. HOWEVER NOTE he will make multiple tentacles rise through the window and their hitboxes will get in the way when you try to shoot the guests from the second entrance, so make sure to step away from them before shooting.

The last round is hell, I wont be able to comment much for players that want to take the legit strat but while using the window know that 035 (seemingly) ALWAYS comes out of the spawn infront of the window so he will always get stuck on it. Once he is just litter him with shotgun shells. You can use the electric traps but I found it easier to just use the shotgun since I knew the area well there. Just make sure to keep eye for 939 instances but other than that just focus on the scientist with 035.

NOTE: If a 939 instance comes through the second entrance, run to another area that was revealed to me by a helpful player in the comments of this guide. It might not be the exact area they were talking about but it’s worked for me. It’s right at spawn just get in the left corner of it and shoot the enemies through the gate wall. Once you kill the 939 instance through the wall there you can run right back up to the window area.

You could just use this area for the entire match if you want to do it legit but its REALLY SLOW.

Achievement “The Burning Man” (sorta)
“The Burning Man”
“In Waves,survive through all 12 waves in the Old Sewers map on Keter difficulty”

The reason this is listed as sorta in the name is I’ve yet to beat it because there’s a damn glitch where 939 can get stuck in the out of bounds spawn area!

So I don’t even know what the boss is, since the achievement is named “The Burning Man” I’m going to assume it’s 457. However I did find out a good area to get through the rounds with this.
at this fence area you can just simply loop around the enemies and shoot them from the other side, yes even 939 instances. Well are you ready to activate your inner agent HUNK? Use your default pistol and find a shotgun, keep your knife. Shoot the heads off the 008-1/049-1’s but once 1048-1 instances start showing up… You’re about to be annoyed as hell… Now I want to say I actually almost first tried the keter 12 round mode on sewers while looping these fences (and I bet I would of if the damn 939 instance didn’t get stuck) HOWEVER this was WAYYYYYYYYY more annoying than the office map for the sole reason of 1048-1… You cannot see them half the time when they are walking on the side of the fences and they have a spawn point right there so multiple times I got pulled into a string of screaming instances. It does make for a great spot to farm “Protecting ears against bears” thought. Once what I’m assuming is 457 shows up you can probably just loop him around the fences like normal too. Might want to use the electric traps a few times.

Achievement “Dealing with conFUSE” & “Top proFUSEr”
“Dealing with conFUSE”
“In Waves, place 100 fuses in the fuseboxes.”

“Top proFUSEr”
“In Waves, place 1000 fuses in the fuseboxes.”

The fastest way I’ve found to get fuses is firstly play solo, so make a private lobby and force start the game. Play on Keter difficulty, this makes more 008-1/049-1 instances spawn. More of those = more electrician instances. If you want to make it extra easier you can use the window glitch so all the fuses drop at the same area. I’d personally wait till there’s one enemy left in a round then plug them all in so you don’t have to do it when there’s multiple SCPs around. 

Achievement “Tis but a scratch!”
“Tis but a scratch!”
“In Team Deathmatch, win a round with less than 5 HP left.”

Deathmatch achievements will be a bit harder for me to make a strat for since I can’t really make one based off enemy AI. The dumb cheat-cheat way of doing this is get a friend or make an alt account and have them shoot you down to 5 health then kill them. I’m sure a stranger would let you do this since you only need one kill… HOWEVER if you want to do this legit what you could do is have a shotgun and let someone shoot you to 5 health then just instantly headshot kill them. This will be hard to pull off but at least you only need to do it once.

Achievement “Lobotomy expert”
“Lobotomy expert”
“In Team Deathmatch, kill 50 enemies with a headshot.”

Now at the time of writing this the achievement isn’t tracking for me even though the game states I’m getting headshots. So I can’t say forsure this is the best method. But what I think is best is play on a small and tight map like old sewers and stay in a small room. Have a shotgun and attempt to oneshot headshot people. This will be annoying but this is the easiest way I know.

Notes and Tips
Note 1- I will keep attempting other achievements and will update the guide if I find more ways to do achievements easier.

Note 2- Having a 939 instance walking towards you through the glass will not work for the “Catch Me If You Can” achievement, I tried.

Note 3- If a shotgun doesn’t spawn it’s fine. As long as you can get your hands on one before round five for safe mode or round nine for keter mode. To attempt to force one to spawn just go around picking up every weapon and dropping/swapping them for others, this will make more spawn when the next intermission starts. You COULD use an SMG to kill 939’s but it takes AROUND 20 bullets to kill one so I wouldn’t recommend.

Tip 1- 008-1/049-1’s can be one shot (the guard and NTF infected will take two shots) if you use your melee and slit their throat. The hit box is a little annoying to find but just try to put the middle of your screen on their forehead and the knife should go right over their throat instantly killing them.

Tip 2- use these achievement hunts to get used to a weapon you don’t like (when possible). I actually really hated the shotgun when I first started waves mode but as you can see from this guide it’s my go to weapon for this.

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