Scrap Mechanic: How to Enable Cheats (Version 0.5.0+)

You’re probably here, because you wanna enable cheat commands on new versions of the game.
old method doesn’t work anymore, because survival game file was re-written, as well, as cheat commands script.
in this guide, I will show you how to enable cheat codes on versions 0.5.0 and above.


step 1: finding the file you wanna modify

DISCLAIMER: BEFORE YOU MODIFY ANY GAME FILE, MAKE SURE YOU COPY ORIGINAL FLIE (seriously, if you change the wrong script, you may end up being unable to load or create new survival saves, i tested it myself -.-)
this step doesn’t change, you still have to go to
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Scrap Mechanic\Survival\Scripts\game
and locate survivalgame.lua

Step 2: Survivalgame:Lua

In this step we will apply changes the file, but be careful, when doing that.
you can do this with notepad++, but i will do this in notepad.
Here is where everything changed.
0n versoins 0.4.0 – 0.4.9 you had to change
“function SurvivalGame.client_onCreate( self )
if g_survivalDev then”
to “function SurvivalGame.client_onCreate( self )
if true then”.
from version 0.5.0 it looks like this
as you can see, the code was changed, and you have to change other commands, so you scroll down the commands list and look for:
“if not g_survivalDev and and not sm.isHost then
you change this line to
“if true then
next, you save, and you can play now, but it is recommended you stay just a little bit, just to get familliar with commands
if you feel like you don’t need bonus step, you can leave now, goodbye
(created by m500zxz)

bonus step: commands

if you’re new to cheat codes in scrap mechanic, them you probalby don’t know how to use them or activate them.
to activate a command, you must use in-game multiplayer chat, which is also avaliable in private session.
here is list of all commands:

/ammo (gives potato ammo)
/spudgun (gives spudgun)
/gatling (gives the spudling gun)
/shotgun (gives potato shotgun)
/sunshake (gives 1 sunshale)
/baguette (gives 1 revival baguette, useful for multiplayer)
/keycard (gives warehouse key)
/powercore (gives 1 powercore [that giant battery you put into ship or mechanic station to activate power)
/components (gives component kits)
/glowsticks (gives glowsticks)
/tumble (switches character to ragdoll mode)
/god (prevents character from dying)
/respawn (respawns you in the last bed you laid down on it [spawnpoints])
/decrypt (allows building/editing warehouse's interior)
/encrypt (prevents you from building or editing warehouses [activatet when save is created])
/unlimited (switches your inventory to creative in survival world)
/limited (switches your inventory back to survival inventory)
/ambush (starts an ambush)
/recreate (works like "/clean" command in creative world)
/timeofday 0/0.25/0.5/0.75/1 (switches time of day, you set time of day with it's decimal fraction from 0 to 1
0 means midnight
0.5 means 12 PM
1 also means midnight
/timeprogress true/false stops time progress and reasumes it
/spawn totebot/haybot/tapebot/farmbot/woc/t/h/tp/f (spawns entity)
/starterkit (gives starter kit [drops crate with stuff)
/mechanicstartkit (currently not working lol)
/pipekit (gives vacuum pipe kit)
/foodkit (gives crate full of food)
/seedkit (gives crate with every seed in tha game + some soil bags)
/die (kills a player)
/sethp (sets HP value of the player, [0-100])
/setwater (sets thirst value of the player, [0-100])
/setfood (sets hunger value of the player, [0-100])
/aggroall (every spawned hostile unit will recive player's position' and will go there)
/raid "level 1-10" "wave 1-10" (sets raid with level set by player and amount of waves set by player)
/stopraid (cancels all incoming raids)
/killall (kills all spawned units around the player)

By m500zxz

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