SCUM: 23 Tips That Could Help You

Here are some tips for you to play SCUM. enjoy the game.


23 Tips That Could Help You

1. If you are behind a wall or a door you can hit the zombies through the door or wall.
2. If you have zombies on you and you do not want them to hurt you keep going backwards and they will follow you at your own pace and will not be able to hurt you, try hitting them while you are.
3. Do not be afraid in the area with lots of zombies because they will chase after you.
4. If you want the zombies to disappear, leave the game and come back
5. If you lie on the floor and there are a lot of zombies you will not be able to hurt you
6. If you are in the first person you can do loot to a slightly more distant place in the third person you can not do.
7. When you produce a canteen you get 1.5 liters of water inside it.
8. You can destroy the robot but it will require a lot of bullets.
9. If you destroy the flying robot that comes to you getting the FP.
10. aim to the Head of zombie with speer to kill him in one hit.
11. Do not go to the edge of the map!
If you go to the end of the map you will be sent a message saying “return to the island immediately or you will be killed!” After 4 masseges “you have been warned!”
12. If you want to hide your loot and if you are near a lake you will hide your loot in the lake, but if you are not near a lake then hide your loot in the bushes (of course, put the loot in a box).
13. I suggest you do not go through the 20 stamina during running because if someone start to shoot you, so you need stamina to keep running. (Of course while you rested get in to bushes).
14. When you need to get out of the game, I suggest that you leave the game when you are near your Shelter or in the bushes.
15. Look at the garbage too, Sometimes you can also find food in the cans and it can help.
16. Do not be friendly to a person holding a weapon and if you see a person with loot, shoot him.
17. if someone openfire on you run zigzags, It saved me more than once!
18. Before you go on another quest for food/water/ammo put the most in your loot box.
19. Try to put more clothes on you if possible – more clothes worth more slots also underwear and shoes.
20. Hide your shelter in the woods in the bushes.
21. Before you leave the game, I suggest you pick up as much equipment as you can.
22. Dont prepare animal skin pants! You will only get two slots.
23. Make an animal skin jacket ! You will get 6 inventory plots but you will also get up to 10 kilos of storage of objects and that’s really good!

By GrimyGamer

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