Sea of Stars: How to Transfer Savegame Between Steam and GamePass

A short guide how to transfer a savegame, when you intend to change between Steam and XBox Game Pass.



Since I’ve encountered this problem myself recently and couldnt find a working guide,
here is my shot at it:This should work in both directions, I only tested it from GamePass->Steam.

I highly advice to play the game until you can save for the first time to make sure that the needed filestructure is already given.
(savegame slot, savegame index, GamePass saves are just a number instead of the standard filename)

How to do it

Gamepass saves are under:


then a big long number which is your user ID and in there another numbered folder

In there, finally, open the (most likely) biggest file with the notepad, check the parameters to verify its what you want (Character Level might be the easiest way to confirm its THAT save)

 "saveId": "SOS_SaveSlot0",
    "slotIndex": 0,

would indicate it is save slot 0 ( the first one in the menu), which Iam working with

If its the right file, save it somewhere as


Play the game on Steam until you can make your first save.
(and obviously end the game after that)

With this you are creating a file on SaveSlot0. (for the first slot that is)

Now you simply replace the savegame in

YOURSYSTEMDRIVE\Users\YOURUSERID\AppData\LocalLow\Sabotage Studio\Sea of Stars

with the file you created.

Start the game. You should be able to continue where you left it.


So far, I dont know if achievements will be unlocked as soon as you import a savegame and load it,
but Iam happy for a comment, if you tried it yourself.

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