Secret Neighbor: All Achievements Guide

Just a quick guide detailing the fastest and easiest way to get all of the achievements


Introduction (IMPORTANT)

These achievements CANNOT be done in custom games. If you attempt to do these in custom games they will not be unlocked.

Anyway hopefully this guide will help you with achievement hunting. It it is advised to read through the entire guide as some achievement methods may also apply to others.
Although, I have tried to make it as individual as possible so there should not be any issues with only reading the tips for the required achievement that you want to obtain.

Fear Nothing

“Win without seeing the Neighbor for the whole match in quick game.”

This achievement is easy enough to get, but it relies on a lot of luck. You just have to hope that the person who is chosen to be neighbor either leaves before they transform or doesn’t know how to transform.

If you play the game long enough while trying to go for the other achievements you should get this one by chance.

No Crows Allowed

“Exile a raven 5 times in one match in quick game.”

This one is also like the last one in that it requires a lot of luck, though it has been made significantly easier with the addition of the butcher class.

The crow will spawn when a certain number of kids have been left or got caught. To dispell it, simply walk up to it or throw something at it. (Or by getting the key it is marking). You just need to hope that it spawns five times and is reachable.

First One!

“Be the first child to get into the basement door in quick game.”

There are two possible ways to get this varying by your skill level.

  • If you are a veteran and play a lot, just choose detective and get all of the keys using intuition. You should have no trouble finding all of the keys and this should only take you a couple of tries at most.
  • If you are not a veteran and have not played that much then the best way for you is to camp at the basement and hope that it gets opened. If it is opened just try and sneak in before anyone else. This method is far less consistent though, and will probably take multiple tries. You should mainly focus on learning the maps well and using the first method as this will also benefit you for the sherlock achievement.


“Get caught in the hands of a Neighbor five times in one match and survive in quick game.”

For this, you should try queue up in a quick game with a friend, and keep doing this till you get into a game with a good neighbor. You could potentially practice saving others in custom games before attempting this in quick games as it may speed up the amount of time taken to complete it.

To save someone caught in the hands of the neighbor you need to throw something and have it hit the neighbor. For this achievement you have to be the one saved five times in a single game. They do not have to be in a row.

If you follow the method stated in the first section, stick with your friend at all costs and allow the neighbor to catch you. Your friend can then save you. This needs to happen five times.

NOTE: To get this achievement, you have to “survive” so you also have to win the game after this. As such you should also be looking for keys whilst the neighbor is not coming for you.

One man Army

“Open all locks in one match by yourself in quick game.”

This achievement involves learning what the detective photo locations are and just rushing keys. The best map to do this on is map 4, as detective is extremely powerful here and due to the small space, can find keys extremely quickly.

“As a Detective, find 4 keys by the photo in one match in quick game.”

Just find keys. No special method for this except to learn where the photo locations are showing. Just play the maps a lot and practice as detective by yourself in custom games.

You shall not pass!

“Win as a Neighbor while the basement door is open in quick game.”

  • For this one, keep queuing until you are neighbor.
  • Catch all of the kids except one.


  • Find the remaining keys and bring them to the basement (but hide them in the chance that the kid finds them)
  • Find the amount of chairs needed to block all of the doors to the basement
  • Block all the doors
  • Open the basement door
  • Shut it again and wait till one of the doors starts to be broken down
  • Camp this door with the hook and use it once the door is opened or wait for the time to run out.

It is recommended to do this as butcher.


“As a Bagger, fill all 4 slots with keys in quick game.”

  • Find 4 keys and bring them to a certain location using two runs.
  • Hold 3 of the keys until you unlock the fourth slot
  • Pick up the fourth key

Make sure to hide while doing this and to hold at least 3 keys in your inventory.
Hiding is not necessary, but since you have to hold the keys for four minutes, it is recommended to avoid getting caught during this period.

Crisis manager

“As a Leader, encourage 200 people by your ability in quick game.”

Just play as leader and never stop spamming the run ability by pressing Q.
Make sure people are nearby though, the more people nearby the more people affected.
At the start of games take advantage of the group of kids and immediately use the ability.

Totally Secret Neighbor

This is by FAR the most difficult achievement in Secret Neighbor, being unlocked by only 1.7% of everyone who has ever opened the game.

This achievement used to be extremely easy, as back in the game’s release, if you knocked someone down, they had to be revived and would not get up by themselves. This meant the neighbor could just knock everyone and easily get the achievement. HOWEVER this was removed last year and as such new methods have to be used.

The best way to do this is on Map 5 (amusement park) as a bagger.

This is because on map 5, the level 2 zone is the first section that has keys. This means if the trampoline skip is used, all of the level 2 keycards can be taken from the level 1 area using the 3 inventory slots from the bagger, and no-one will be able to get access to it. (There is currently an exploit involving a pole, so if someone does this in the game you attempt it on just transform and kill everyone and try again.)

The trampoline skip can be done by going to the trampoline underneath the level one area, placing an object on it, jumping onto the frame and then jumping up to the level 1 place.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to wait for neighbor on map 5, you can become detective and try and find and hide enough keys so that the basement cannot be opened.

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