Seed of the Dead Sweet Home: Achievements Guide

The list of achievements and how to get them.


Easy Achievements

These ones are likely to be achieved by just naturally progressing through the game. No real effort is required to hunt these down.

Act1 clear

Act5 clear

Act8 clear

Shopping for the first time
Buy and sell at the item shop

First step in demonstrating strength
Purchase skills at the Weapon Shop

Facility Expansionist
Expand the facility

A little good friend
Watch intimacy events

Lovey-dovey with Hikari
Hikari’s intimacy becomes 10

Lovey-dovey with Aya
Aya’s intimacy becomes 10

Lovey-dovey with Kirara
Kirara’s intimacy becomes 10

Lovey-dovey with Ichika
Ichika’s intimacy becomes 10

Lovey-dovey with everyone
Everyone’s intimacy becomes 10

You are strong enough
Purchase all the skills

Greatest sponsor
Set facility level to 6

Precious bullet
Consume 100,000 bullets

Perform 200 successful Perfects during heroine recovery

Harder Achievements

These ones require a bit more effort in some form.

Go beyond my score
Earn ○ points in one battle – The actual score requirement is 567,859

My fave princess
Present 3 costumes to a specific heroine – Costumes can be found on Acts 7 and 8

The shaking thing – The super secret achievement that no one seems to know how to get it. We’ll find it, eventually

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