Sex Apartments: 100% Achievement Guide

A Guide on how to unlock all the achievements in Sex Apartments.


  • All achievements can be done on a single save, but some achievements are easier done on a new save.
  • Game is very buggy. Save often.
  • You have to manage 3 stats Hunger, Happiness and Tiredness. If during jobs, it says that your character is tired, it’s because one or more stats is in red. Start every day with Green in all stats.
  • Press Esc key to open menu. It has World Map, Skills page and Save/Load button.
  • Move between locations by opening World Map.
  • Enemies don’t regenerate health. If you injure an enemy and leave to heal at the Hospital, you can return and continue the fight. DOESN’T work in Survival fights.
Character selection, Skill point allotment and Daily routine
  • When you start the game, you have a choice of different characters. The character we select determines how much skill points/money we start with, which jobs we can do or complete successfully and how easy it is to manage certain stats.
  • I selected Regular Guy as my character. For this guide we will be using Regular guy. Regular guy starts with $1000, which can be used to buy a TV (helps with managing Happiness stat) and some food. Regular guy also starts with 5 skill points.You can either put all your points in Intelligence or at least 4 points in intelligence and 1 point in either Strength or Endurance.
  • Go to Supermarket (Esc>WorldMap>Supermarket) and Buy the cheapest TV ($800) and some food.
  • Office job requires at least 5 points in Intelligence and can be done from 9:00 to 17:00. You can do two sessions of office jobs in one day. Some random events may occur which have positive or negative effects on you (eg. Fined $100 for sleeping on the job or get $5000 for doing a special project). The random events you get and the chance of success depend on all your skills. The Higher your skill level, the less chance you have for getting Negative events or failing Positive events.
  • Go to Office Job and earn some money and experience. You’ll get the achievement ‘Successful man’.

    Successful man

    Work in office.

  • Fight some weak enemies in the apartment to get some experience. You should be tired by now. Go back to your room and use the mattress to sleep.
  • When you wake up the next day, you are not tired anymore, but your Happiness and Hunger stats are low. Interact with the TV to regain Happiness stat. Interact with the refrigerator to eat the food you bought from the supermarket to regain your Hunger stat. If you have the money, buy the desktop PC from the Supermarket. Using the PC in your room, you can order items from supermarket without leaving the apartment. Don’t forget to buy food from the supermarket occasionally.
  • This is your daily routine. Do this until you have ~$2000. If you earned any skill points, put them all in Intelligence skill (Esc>Skill).
  • You have been getting experience by doing Office jobs and beating up some weak enemies. Now that you have enough money. Switch to Gym Training. It will give more experience. Due to our low Strength and Endurance skill levels, the chances of failure in random events is high. But since the debuff is not that bad (Reduce Health by 50%) you can choose to gamble on the outcome.
  • If you are low on money, go back to doing Office jobs.
I passed! and Ladies’ man
  • Continue your daily routine and add any skill points you get to the Intelligence skill until you have 8 points in Intelligence.
  • Go to Learning Campus (Esc>WorldMap>Learning Campus). Enter the green door and talk to the blond teacher. Click on the Study option. You will unlock the achievement ‘I passed!’ and get two skill points. Now that we are done with this achievement, add those two skill points to either Strength or Endurance.

    I passed!

    Pass an exam to a sex instructor

  • If you haven’t had sex with any woman yet, you will unlock ‘Ladies’ man’ as well.

    Ladies’ man

    First time sex with a girl.

I’ve finished!, Black earnings and Kick their asses!
Daily routine to increase Strength and Endurance
  • Continue your daily routine and add any skill points you earn to Strength or Endurance.
  • As your Strength and Endurance increases, you are able to fight more and stronger enemies. At the end of the day, after fighting the enemies in the Apartment hallway, go to Learning Campus and fight some enemies there as well.
  • If you are able to, then fight the enemies in the Sportsman and Bully rooms at the Apartment (Teal coloured doors near the guy who runs Survival fights). These enemies are a good source of XP.
  • You can also participate in the Survival fights. Talk to the green haired Tough guy in the Apartment hallway. You can select the lowest level (1 enemy) , if you just need the achievement. After winning any survival fight, you unlock the achievement ‘Black earnings’. You don’t have do all the survival fights.

    Black earnings

    Win survival battles.

  • If you have plenty of money, Heal yourself at the Hospital. You can do this in the middle of any fight (Except the Survival fight) as well. Just move away from enemies and enter the World Map.
  • After you have defeated 25 enemies, you’ll unlock the achievement ‘Kick their asses!’.

    Kick their asses!

    Knock down 25 enemies.

    Fighting the Head Teacher
  • You can fight the Head Teacher at any point, but it would be easier if you have high Strength and Endurance skills.
  • Go the Learning Campus and enter the Blue door. DO NOT fight the Head Teacher directly. He will oneshot you. Talk to him first and he’ll challenge you. Then fight.
  • After defeating him, you’ll get the achievement ‘I’ve finished!’.

    I’ve finished!

    Beat the head teacher.

Jay Voohoorhes? and Bring down the government
Jay Voohoorhes?

Detect a maniac in the toilet.

  • Jay Voohoorhes spawns in the Toilet at the Apartments after midnight (I encountered him at 1:00). You should be strong enough to defeat him. After you defeat him, you’ll unlock the achievement ‘Jay Voohoorhes?’


    Bring down the government

    Beat the president

  • The President spawns in the Learning Campus hallway between the green and blue doors around 12:00 in the afternoon. You should be strong enough to defeat him. After you defeat him, you’ll unlock the achievement ‘Bring down the government’

    Note:- When you defeat him, you will lose most of your money. But since we are almost done with everything it’s not an issue.

Other achievements
A mounth later…

Live 30 days

  • If you still haven’t unlocked this achievement, then continue your daily routine. This achievement will unlock on Day 30.


    Pss … Dude

    Buy Drugs.

  • Go to Learning Campus and talk to the shady guy wearing an overcoat. The achievement will unlock when you open the buy page. You don’t need to buy anything.


    In reality, is that possible?

    Hit the girl.

  • Find any woman and punch her. One hit will knock her out and you’ll get this achievement.


    Heavy weekdays

    Tearing back while working at a construction site.

  • Go to main menu and start a new game. Select the Rich guy character. As soon as the game starts, go to the Construction zone and do Construction job. Due to low Strength and Endurance, we will get the ‘Tearing back while working at a construction site’ event within 1 or 2 sessions. If it doesn’t happen in one day, start a new game.


    New things!

    Change the theme of the room.

  • Go to the Supermarket and buy a room theme. There are two themes available, one for $3500 and another for $18000. Buying only one theme is required. If you started a new game for ‘Heavy weekdays’ achievement, you’ll have plenty of money to buy the room themes.

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