Sexy Mystic Survivors: Quick Start Guide

This guide will help you playing Sexy Mystic Survivors proficiently in 5 minutes.


About the Game

This is a lawnmower game with H tagged on.
If you are buying this game for the H content, you are doing it wrong.

  • Only the first 5 characters has H scenes (2 each), uncensored but nothing spectacular (animation but no interaction). You unlock H scenes by beating any map with specific girl twice.
  • Per the dev, “The other 4 characters are guest characters to be used in another game”
  • Currently there are only 2 Maps, the 3rd one is a placeholder (game is in early release)
  • Play the game in casual mode from the start will help you unlock things quicker.
  • Wait until you are comfortable with weapon evolution before trying harder difficulties, it will reduce your stress.
  • You can get all achievements in casual

Quick Start – Weapon Evolution

TLDR: Kill things and pick up crystals to level up… then make the right choice

  • Weapons are meant to be evolved (read: Major Power UP)
  • Evolve condition is to raise the weapon to lv8, and have the corresponding passive item (Lv1 or better)
  • Pay attention to the icon to the upper right corner of each item. It tells you the corresponding item you need to evolve
  • Weapon – does damage and goes in the Top Row
  • Passive Items – Buff item
  • Most chars have 6 weapon slots, you want to ensure you have all 6 corresponding passive items to evolve all 6 weapons
  • Most weapons have 2 evolution choices.
  • Game isn’t balanced yet, so some things are better than others.
  • Game difficulties also impact weapon effectiveness.


  • How come all your stuff are legendary? Pure luck, but I upgraded the bonus in the Unlock section in Title Screen
  • Where do you get reroll, skip, etc.? Also from Unlock Section
  • I do not see the corresponding item on my screen? You have not unlock that item yet, just play the game.
  • How come I unlocked [insert item name] but it is not available during level up? This game is in early access, not everything have been implemented.

Other Things They Didn’t Bother to Explain

1) Unlocking/Rescuing 2 of the girls

  • Both maps have 1 character you need to rescue (part of their unlock condition)
  • You need to unlock the Map and Mini-map from the Unlock Section in Title Screen, or you won’t be able to find them. They are located in the ? icon from your map
  • Don’t rush over, evolve 2 weapons first and it will make your life much easier

2) Altars – they give you a relic

  • Unlock your map to find them. They are the red and blue star (cross shape) on the map.
  • Blue Altar – spawns an elite and is the easier of the two, you get both relic and chest for it
  • Red Altar – Buff all enemies for 3 minutes. You don’t need to stick around but be sure to go back when 3 minutes is up to pick up the relic

Weapon Evolution Tips

Best Tip:

  • Prioritize One Weapon to evolve as soon as possible
  • Not all passive items requires Legendary (e.g. HP, HP Regen, Armor), especially on lower difficulty

Good passives items to have: Things that improve your damage/make life easier

  • Exp Up – Level faster = more rolls. Pairs with Chakram.
  • Magnet – Larger Pickup Radius is a huge Quality of Life improvement. Pairs with Storm Amulet and the evolved Lightning Amulet is awesome for casual difficulty.
  • Gold Up – allows you to get 20k+ gold per run easily to unlock stuff
  • Damage – Match with Sword and available from the start. Sword evolve #2 is a screen wide aoe
  • Reduce Cooldown – Matches with the lamp

Lastly, always a good idea to stick with 4 or 5 weapons you are familiar with, and use the last slot or two to test new weapons you got.

Casual difficulty – mobs has low health so things like Storm Amulet performs really well. But their DPS is lacking for higher difficulty. Conversely, Holy Cross can pull off 15k+ DPS in very hard because too many fodders cluttering the screen. Staff of freezing is a great CC for higher difficulty, as it works on elites.

Once you unlock the map, you will see icon of passive items.

  • Do not rush to pick them up
  • If you max out to lv5 before picking it up, you can raise that buff to lv6. Works well for things like Damage Buff and Exp
  • If you already have 6 passive items and does not have that item, you can have it as a bonus passive item. It can be raised to Lv5 but the quality will already be normal (white).
  • You don’t need 12+ passives, sometimes you are better off getting some buffs to lv6.
  • Relying on picking up passive items to evolve? Waiting until you get 6 passive items before going to pick them up is going to delay evolving your weapons. It might not be worth it.

By Bladewind

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