Shadow Warrior 3: How to NG+

This is intended to show you how to have a “New Game +” despite there not actually being one in the game.


How to setup NG+ workaround

All of your progress is stored in the file “ProgressionSlotIndex#.sav”.
We will take advantage of this to prompt a NG+ sittuation.1: Finish game.

2: Go back to main menu where you select your save slot.

3:Start new game in a new slot. Load in to the game and then exit to the menu.

4:Exit game.

5: Open file explorer, proceed to C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\SW3\Saved\SaveGames

6: Assuming you use slot 2 for the new game, remove “ProgressionSlotIndex2.sav”

7: Copy ProgressionSlotIndex1.sav

8: Paste ProgressionSlotIndex1.sav (it will be pasted as ProgressionSlotIndex1 – Copy.sav)

9: Rename ProgressionSlotIndex1 – Copy.sav to ProgressionSlotIndex2.sav

10: Load game, load slot 2. Enjoy all previous upgrades, unlocked challenges and all that other good stuff.

All of your weapons will be upgraded to the point that you had previously reached in save 1. (You do have to retrieve them still, but they’ll be upgraded.)

All character upgrades will remain.

All challenges that had been completed will remain as such.

Any upgrade points that you found previously *will not be present in the game*, just like a real NG+.

Anything that you did not pick up will remain.


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