Shadows of Doubt: Briefcases Guide (How to Use)

Some people seem to have difficulties with briefcases. Luckily, I am here to help.


How to briefcase

So you have been given or directed to a briefcase, like this one:

But when you open it, nothing happens!

This is probably because you have the wrong case selected in your case file. Make sure you have the correct case selected. You can see your cases here:

Now that you have the correct case selected, open the briefcase until you see the message “Job Information Updated” appear:

The usefulness of the briefcase has come to it’s end, so close it and dispose of it. You can do this buy either throwing it into the sea or clicking a dumpster while it’s in your hands (Not Pictured)

How to “Unknown Citizen”

Ok, So you opened the case. But what is all this? Who’s the guy I need to pelt with a bag of fries?

These are clues! This is a deduction game, just telling you who you need to take a photo of, or whatever it is you are doing, wouldn’t be fun. But how does a blank photo help you?

There’s more info here than meets the eye! Hold your mouse pointer over the picture to get a quick pop up of all you know about the mark:

For a close look at the details, left click on it:

Here we can see we have our mark’s fingerprints. We know they are of a Large build. That they work for “Marque Networks”. Lastly that their first initial is A.

This is all very useful information. Finding out who they are shouldn’t take too long at all!

Now you know how to use a briefcase. Good luck detective.

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