Levels 1-12 Guide

This guide will (obviously) contain spoilers


Level 1 (CuCuCuCu)
nothing much to explain here- (please ignore the fact that im on level 28)

Level 2 (—-CuCu)
yeah not much to explain

Level 3 (RuRuRuRu)
hey, some corners!

Level 4 (—-RuRu)
lets cut some corners (10/10 joke)

Level 5 (Cu—-Cu)
back to circles

Level 6 (Cu——)
l e c o r n e r

Level 7 (CrCrCrCr)
colour?! well, have fun

Level 8 (RbRb—-)
colour corner

Level 9 (CpCpCpCp)
how to mix the colours:

then put on circles and BAM!

Level 10 (ScScScSc)
colour everywhere!

Level 11 (CgScScCg)
ah yes, stacking. my least favourite

Level 12!! (CbCbCbRb:CwCwCwCw)
how to mix the white paint:

full solution:

(i forgot to rotate it)

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