Sheepy: A Short Adventure – Map for All Secrets and Collectibles

Easily find all secrets and collectibles.



I mapped out the game and added some icons for a few different things. You should be able to read it based on whats happening on your game.


Lore / Info
Levers / Elevators / Moving Platforms (Chapter 3 has x6 hidden levers needed to get the vinyl)
Collapsing Platforms
Gravity Portal (those things that launch you a bit)
Boss Fights

Chapter 1 : First Steps

Chapter 2 : Descent

Chapter 3 – Revelation

Chapter 4 : Passage of Time

Chapter 5 : Purgatory

Chapter 6 : Apotheosis


Thanks for checking out my maps, hope they helped!

Here’s the entire game map (except the long run section).

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