Sherlock Holmes The Awakened: Achievements Guide 100%

Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!



To Hell In A Handcart
Complete Chapter One.

Whispers In The Dark
Complete Chapter Two.

A Method To His Madness
Complete Chapter Three.

The New World
Complete Chapter Four.

Sticky Fingers
Find the raccoon nest.

Open Sesame
Unlock the safe.
Code: 1862

Knives Out
Complete Chapter Five.

Land, Ho!
Reach the island.

No Man Is An Island
Complete Chapter Six.

At Wits’ End
Complete Chapter Seven.

Stop the ritual.


Lock, Stock, And Barrel
Pick every lock.

There are four unmissable locks in the game. The first is in chapter 2 (warehouse 12) and the others are in chapter 3 (cells). Don’t skip them (on easy difficulty) to unlock the achievement.

Collect all achievements.

Unlock all other 27 achievements.

Chapter 1 – The Shadow Over London

Read Between The Lines
Help Barnes with his love life.

After discovering that Mr Barnes is in love with Mrs Flemming, tell him: ‘I know that to do’:

Chapter 2 – The Blood-Red Night

High Profile
Learn about the missing Nepali brother.

After talking to the Nepali boy, fully inspect the altar behind him:

Big Breakthrough
Find out how the intruder got into the warehouse.

After entering warehouse 12, inspect the window and take a look at the fence outside:

Curiosity Killed The Cat
Rouse evil from its slumber.

In the area below warehouse 12, interact with the Cthulhu statue three times in a row:

Chapter 3 – The Mountains Of Madness

Fond Memories
Find the book about tulpas.

The book ‘The Tulpa Phenomenon’ can be found in the corner of the storage room:

History Check
Learn more about Gygax.

(1/2) As Watson, read ‘Gygax’s Diary’ in the director’s office (desk, left drawer):

(2/2) As Holmes, read the ‘Notebook of Professor Gygax’ in the sub-basement:

Gaze Into The Abyss
Make it look back at you.

In the sub-basement (after playing as Watson), fully inspect the well:

Chapter 4 – The Outsiders

Going Once…
Find out more about the auction.

Interact with the ‘Fine Gemstore Auction Sale’ poster at the port:

Let Me Be Frank
Pretend to be Barnaby.

While talking to the bank guard, choose ‘I am Frank Barnaby’:

Chapter 5 – The Horror At The Door

Back In The Saddle
Help quench the horse’s thirst.

(1/2) Pick up the bucket near the stables and fill it with water from the barrel:

(2/2) Enter the stables and quench the horse’s thirst:

Chapter 6 – The Call Of The Bayou

Brain Food
Feed yourself to a gator.

You will reach an unmissable area with alligators in the swamp. Approach them with the boat:

Identify all the unknown substances.

While playing as Watson, identify these two substances:

#1: Liquid | Odourless | Transparent
#2: Jelly | Pungent | Dark

Chapter 7 – The Book From Beyond

Read It And Weep
Leave Barnes the book.

When Mr Barnes asks you if he can keep the book, tell him ‘Of course’:

Chapter 8 – The Awakening

No Stone Unturned
Find all evidence at the cliffside crime scene.

The achievement unlocks after picking up Ashmat’s medallion – if you inspected all objects and places at the crime scene. As soon as you pick up the medallion, several interactable spots will disappear. Hence, you may want to save beforehand (or load the last autosave if it didn’t unlock):

  • Ashmat’s Shirt
  • Ashmat’s Body (4x)
  • Strange Sigils
  • Mud (3x)
  • Splash of Blood
  • Thick Bushes
  • Heavy Stone
  • Medallion

Up In Flames
Learn about the lighthouse keeper.

(1/2) Read the ‘Lighthouse Keeper Diary – May 3rd’ after entering the lighthouse:

(2/2) Read the ‘Lighthouse Keeper Diary – April 4th’ after eliminating ‘Dirty’ Summers:

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