Shigatari: 100% Achievement Guide

I was suprised to see that through all these years since this game has been out, no one has made a guide on how to unlock all the achievements.

As you may have guest, this is a guide on how to unlock all the achievements for Shigatari.


Fired Up

Master the judan stance

Juices Flowing

Master the chudan stance

Rolling Stone

Master the gedan stance

Top Of The Tree

Master the hasso stance

Nerves Of Steel

Master the waki stance

Dance Of Death

Master the stance mastery

Draw To A Close

Master the weapon mastery

All these are straightforward, just spend points on which stance you want to master 5 times.
Once you maxed out, you should get the achievement for the stance you level up.

Personality Traits


Beat the game with grace


Beat the game with brazen


Beat the game with courage


Beat the game with sincerity


Beat the game with cunning

Traits can be unlocked by which dialogues you pick, bare in my mind that traits not only influence on your character and run but they also influences the ending as well.

Run Achievements
Althought depending on the kind of RNG and traits, these achievements can be unlocked at anytime (or together) during the run.

Bridge enthusiast

Visit three bridges in a single region

Bridges are (for the most part) a crescendo event where you will have to fight multiple opponents, you can sneak on them with the cunning trait or run away from the fight (althought this will give you a “Most dishonorable”).
This achievement depends heavily on the map.


Complete five regions without saying “Die”‘

Pretty much what it says.
You will most likely unlock this without even going for it.
This achievement unlocks the Benevolent Character


Complete five regions saying “Die.” at every opportunity

Basically the opposite of the previous achievement, beware that by abusing the “Die” option, most people in the game will avoid you.
This achievement unlocks the Malevolent character


Meditate under a waterfall with hachimaki and salt

afaik, both of these can only be brought by merchants. Once you get them, just find a waterfall and use the “Meditate” option.
This achievement unlocks the Sorbid Soul character


Change clothing during combat without dying

Just use the “Die” option on a defenseless NPC and change armor or the clothing during the fight.


Drink gaijin sake with gaijin weapon and armor equipped

There’s a merchant in the market area that sells Gaijin wares (tought they are quite costly), just buy all the things needed for the achievement.
This achievement unlocks the Gaijin character


Forge the legendary sword Masamune

You need to find an NPC in the mountain and ask him to craft/upgrade your sword 6 times.
The options affects only your personality traits.


Have one thousand coins

Keep selling stuff you find from slayed enemies and do some side quest for some NPCs.
You can also sell one of the swords from one of the 7 masters to the sword master for 300 bucks (requires the “prudent” trait).
This achievement unlocks the Looter character

Demonic power

Gain the demon’s power

The demon can be found only in the forests, once you get there, accept to kneel.
Then you will need to bring him 8 souls that can be gained by killing unarmed NPCs.

After bringing him the 8 souls, he will give you a boon that will resurrect you once if you die.


Eat 10 pieces of sushi

Sushi can be found all over the map and can be eaten during the non combat interaction.


Drink 10 Jars of sake

Unlike Sushi, Sake is rare to find.

Sake can be found in:
1) In the city, when the game mention a brewery go for it then choose the “Look for something else” dialogue and you will find 3 Jars of Sake. (The other option will only give you 1)
2) In the mountains, when it mentions the Tengu, search for him;
After that always go for the second option until he mentions that he will give you Sake in that case you will have to accept to dance.
3) The Gaijin merchant, should always have at least 1 Jar
4) Can be given by random pesants.

Overall this achievement is heavy RNG dependent.

Righteous Prevail

Defeat a demon

The demon has by far the most OP sword in the entire game, not only by damage but speed as well.
The only way to beat him is to use the Gozen character (which i will explain later on how to unlock) with maxed out Waki (Or Judan).

Boss Fights and Boss Related achievements

This section, has the name ipplies, will focus on the 7 masters, how to beat them and the various achievement related to them.
Quick note that the Masters in this guide will be ranked from easiest to hardest in my opinion.

Tomoe Gozen

Decapitate a boss with a single blow

Your best bet is going to be the Waki master but you can also do it on other bosses as well
This achievement unlock the Gozen Character

Miyamoto Musashi

Show up late to a duel, then win with a bokken

The duel in question, is the one with the Gedan master.
The cunning trait is mandatory for this achievement
This achievement unlock the Musashi Character

White Knight

Complete three regions without fighting any women

For starters, The Chudan,Hasso and Sword master are women, meaning that you would want to avoid the region those three rules.

Best way to unlock this achievement would be to avoid fighting at all since some sprites can be misleading.


Complete three regions without fighting any men

The same arguement for the previous achievement applies here as well.
Remember that the Judan,Waki,Gedan and Stance are men.


Defeat the Waki Master

By far the easiest of the bunch, all you need to do is to keep slashing is head. You have around 3 turns before he will (most likely) oneshot you.
This is made even easier with the Gracious/Cunning traits.


Defeat the Hasso Master

The Hasso master is one of the two masters that can be dealt with without the need to kill her, all you need is Sincere/Cunning.
I don’t know if it’s necessary to kill her to unlock the achievement, but if you’re gonna fight her, Either poke her legs and dodge or dodge until she gets exhausted, stab her chest and continue until she dies


Defeat the Judan Master

This is the second master you can spare in your runs, the requirement are Sincere/Prudent/Gracious and a Jar of Sake. (Note that he won’t accept the Gaijin sake) also don’t pick the “you’ve had enough” option.
As for beating him, Slash his head off and disegange if you have enough speed,or keep disengaging and slash his head off. (not weaving since it will most likely fail and a single hit from him would mean death)


Defeat the Stance Master

Aside from his boost from answering correctly to his riddle (and even then that’s not even a huge buff), He’s similar to the hasso master.


Defeat the Gedan Master

As the game suggest, the Gedan master is impantiet.
The best strat is to wait until he starts attacking and either: slash his head off or dodge until exhaustion then attack.


Defeat the Chudan Master

The thing that puts her in this position is her sword which heal her limbs when waiting.
As for beating her, either trades blows with her or outspeed her. Don’t bother attacking her arms and legs since she will spend most of the fight waiting.
I would seriously reccomend leaving her for last along side the last master of this list.


Defeat the Weapon Master

As i’ve mentioned before, she should be dealt for last.
Her gimmick is that she can attack and parry with a high speed bonus after switching weapons. If she equips Ken, she is most likely going to attack.
This boss likes to parry soo the best way to bear is with either high damage to break her parries or yet again, outspeed her.


And for last, this section will focus on the way to end the run

Filthy Casual

Beat the game on easy difficulty


Beat the game on the normal difficulty

Samurai of the legend

Beat the game on the hard difficulty

An easy and garanted way to beat this game (yes even on hard) is to:
1) Use Gozen
2) Max out Waki stance/speed
3) Go to forest challenge a demon
4) Wait a couple of turns than strike his head.
5) Use his sword
And after that, nothing can stop you.
Another thing worth mentioning is that this strat can also be done for these next achievements:

True Ronin

Beat the game on hard with no ancestor favor spent

(Ancestor favors are buffs that you can use when choosing a character)

Weapon of choice

Beat the game only changing weapons once

Remember that the only weapon you will need to change are your starter sword to the demon sword.


See every ending

By time of writting this guide, i’m still omw to get this achievement.

(Note that this will be updated in case i miss one of them)

With that out of the way, here’s the endings
Seppuku (multiple variants
Wandering (Emperor either dead or alive)
Settle Down
Exiled Emperor

Thanks to Weakest Bardin Enjoyer for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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