Shotgun King The Final Checkmate: Basic Guide (Normal Mode)

Tips from someone who beat the game


Finally beat the game after 7 hrs, this is my guide.

– Focus on survival: This is the biggest thing. No matter how strong your build is, one mistake will end your run

– As stated above, focus on picking the lesser of two evils rather than the stronger of two upgrades.

– Firepower never hurts, even if it gives you a higher spread, being able to kill the king, or a strong threat quickly will increase success

– Remember to use your souls for escapes.

– Assassination seems to be the wisest strategy as you are guaranteed to get overwhelmed in later floors if you don’t kill the king quick enough.
Let me be clear: I am not saying YOLO is the way, take out all the non-pawns on the king’s side
and you can usually mow him down pretty easily after that. It is also possible to full clear the board and then focus on the king but that depends to a degree on how powerful your build is.

– Think about tempo, anything that saves you a turn is helpful and anything that costs you a turn is harmful.
Not a fan of the sniper/scope for this reason.

– Grenade is trash.

– Some upgrades do not stack.

– Use the middle pieces (usually pawns) as shields from attacks from queens, bishops, rooks

Originally posted by Deceased Crab:

It is very possible to make builds that can full clear, even on hard mode. Going directly for the king is very risky unless you have a very strong and precise build.

You might want to add that you can click the gun to reload without moving.

Actually never figured that out, thanks a lot for sharing!
On that note I’d like to add that you can use shots and reloading to burn turns in scenarios where you don’t want to move into a lose your position or lack good positions to move to.

As to full clearing, I don’t doubt it’s doable but my logic is that a build that is capable of full clearing the horde + the backups in later floors could half-clear instead and then take out the king.
In any case I think a separate full-clear flowchart or strategy guide would be interesting.
The main strength of full clearing is you run into fewer accidental checkmates.
It is also possible that assassination/half or quarter clears are not practical at harder difficulties given I haven’t tried em yet.

I’ll give it a try then add my findings here. Will also try full clearing now that I know how to reload and see what the difference is beyond the queen introduction floor!

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