Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Demonstrably the Greatest Guide

Guide to get You’re Demonstrably the Greatest achievement- more in depth and more specific, easier to follow than any I’ve tried to follow.


Demonstrably the Greatest Guide

Goal – You’re the Demonstrably Greatest
Conquests of Alexander Scenario on Deity

I was on the struggle bus for this achievement and none of the guides really explained what I needed to know clearly. Here’s my guide with lots of detail and specifics so you can get this achievement too.

Achieve 200 pts (5 pts per city) before turn 37
On turn 37, the last city doesn’t count toward the 200, so you need 200 on turn 36

Capture all 28 cities (game ends when last city falls) – 140 pts
Need 13 additional cities (Starter City + Free Settler = buy/build 11 more settlers) – 65 pts


  • Captured cities are ‘occupied’ and so don’t have any population growth
  • Gold and production are reduced by 50% for those cities
  • Toggle production to focus on gold and turn off food
  • Don’t bother repairing granaries, but do repair encampments
  • Populate worker tiles (swap) and make encampments on roads

Encampment Training

  • Converts the production to gold
  • Minimal for captured cities because they are occupied
    (production and gold halved so 4 production is only 1 gold)
  • Yields 2 General Points on completion
  • All cities should default to training, especially near the end of the game


  • Alexander is great with his great passives (+15 Combat and +3 Move)
  • Other generals come in 2 types
    +10 Combat and +1 Move
    +5 Combat and +2 Move
  • Generals can teleport between cities
  • Buffs don’t stack so highest wins (two types of generals per army will get +2 Move and +10 Combat, not +3 Move and +15 Combat)

Attack Units

  • Hetairoi give +5 Combat when adjacent to a general, but not on top of general
  • General Points are only earned from kills by Hetairoi or Hypaspists
  • Cluster your army to maximize the general’s movement bonus
  • Hetairoi can catch up if they slip out of the movement zone

Support Units

  • Siege towers over battering rams
  • You only need 2

Naval Units

  • You need one galley to protect Athens initially, then Halicarnassus and Tyre
  • You can get a free galley from Halicarnassus, but I never did

Bonus Units

  • 2 Hoplites from Athens
  • 1 Archer from Babylon
  • 2 Immortals from Parsa
  • 1 Varu from Patala
  • 1 Maryannu Chariot Archer from Memphis – don’t bother
  • 1 Saka Horse Archer from Marakanda – don’t bother

Bought Units

  • 1 siege engine (200 gold in Susa)
  • 6 settlers 4000+ gold (depending on when they’re bought vs built)
    Cost increases by 60 gold for each settler starting at 160 gold
    Balance buying earlier (cheaper) and building later (more time) because you also face travel time issues pending on where they are being built, but can be shuttled by a late-stage general you might not need at the front
  • 2 Hetairoi (240 gold)
    Tarsus (round 6)

Other Notes

  • The AI is not too aggressive so focus on capturing cities
  • Stray enemy soldiers around the map can be ignored
  • Don’t be stingy about using promotions, even if unit is green
    You want to get to the fourth promotion for units ASAP, you’re going to need the double attacks at the end to get Patala and Marakanda
  • If you have the movement, pillage tiles for healing (or gold) instead
  • Use archers and hoplites to soften units and clear paths but let Hetairoi/Hypaspist get the killing blow for the general points, also gets them extra experience to use for promotions
  • Hoplites with a few promotions are key for getting past the Varu at Patala
  • Use builders to clear woods for production and build mines only
  • Enemy units in encampments when a city is captured get auto-killed

The Path

Turn 1

  • Capture Athens Encamp (Archer then Hypa)
  • Attack Athens (Het with Alex)
  • Attack Sparda Encamp with archer, move Hypa one tile in front, move 2nd Het onto stone and promote
  • Alex ends one tile above Athens
  • Pella starts building Het, First City builds encamp on road below Pella’s

Turn 2

  • Attack Athens with Hypa, move archer to Encamp and hit Athens, Het takes city
  • Alex HAS to be next to the city to get two Hoplites – move up
  • Alex ends on Athens encampment
  • Repair Athens Encamp
  • Move 2nd Het and 2nd archer up one tile, archer hits Sparda then Hypa, then Het takes Sparda
  • Build archer in Sparda
  • Build siege tower in First City

Turn 3

  • Move Athens units up but be careful with Alex placement
  • Kill units at Sparda
  • Build Het in Athens

Turn 4

  • Clear troops as needed
  • Promote if available
  • Position near Gordian
  • Pella builds 2nd Het

Turn 5

  • Capture Gordian
  • Clear road north of Tarsus
  • Position Het to pillage copper mine at Tarsus

Turn 6

  • Pillage copper mine
  • Capture Tarsus
  • Build settler

Turn 7-8

  • Capture Thapsacus
  • Buy Het in Tarsus
  • Pillage for heals
  • Build 3rd Het at Pella

Turn 8-10

  • Capture Arbela
  • Kill units
  • Promote
  • Pillage copper mine at Halicarnassus
  • Buy settler from Sparda

Turn 9-11

  • Capture Hagmatana – archer + 2 Hypas should be enough
  • Maximize attacks on units before taking Babylon to heal units fully
  • Take Babylon
  • Try to get the archer bonus, if not buy one for 120 gold
  • Start attack on Halicarnassus with Western Army
  • Build galley at Athens
  • From here, build 3 settlers from Pella
  • If you have a general at this point, use a +2 movement general for the Northern Army or use a +10 damage general for the Western army, just teleport him from either Pella or Babylon depending on where he spawns
  • This is where I usually divide my army, half going to Ray and the rest with Alex to Susa

Turn 11-14

  • Capture Ray
  • Push slower units to Road E of Ray and march on Shahr-I Qumis
  • Ray build Encampment and buy another Het
  • should have 5 Hets – 3 of these are going to push South with Alex
  • Capture Ispahan

Turn 15+
Northern Army

  • 2 Hypas (from start)
  • 2 Archers (from start)
  • 2 Immortals (from Parsa, use +2 move General to move them up)
  • 2 Het (bought in Ray 1 from start)
  • Great General (prefer +2 move General)
  • Follow the road northeast, taking cities along the way

o Route

  • Shahr-I Qumis
  • Tusa
  • Haraiva
  • Bakhtri (buy siege tower – if you have extra gold, you can spam Hets too and sned them straight to Cyra)
  • Marakanda
  • Cyra

Southern Army

  • 3 Hets (1 from start,1 built in Pella, 1 bought in Tarsus)
  • 2 Hoplites (from Athens)
  • 1 Archer (from Babylon or bought at Babylon)
  • Seige Tower (bought in Susa)
  • Alex
  • Follow the road southeast until Zranka, then head to road through Patala and follow the heading north and then west

o Route

  • Susa
  • Parsa
  • Pura
  • Zranka
  • Patala
  • Taxila
  • Kabul

Western Army

  • 3 Hets (2 built in Pella, 1 built in Athens)
  • Siege Tower (built in First City)
  • Archer, built in Sparda
  • Great General (prefer +10 damage General)

o Route

  • Take Halicarnassus, but try to time it to heal as many units as possible before running units to Egypt
  • Tyre
  • Gaza
  • Memphis (this can be swapping with Thebes, try to time taking Memphis to maximize the heal just like with Halicarnassus)
  • Thebes

By Mr. Kromulus

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