SIMULACRA 2: 100% Achievements & All Endings Guide

Here is a 100% Achievements & All Endings Guide for SIMULACRA 2.


Detective and journalist

Detective and journalist

Hard Boiled.
Complete the game as a detective. At the beginning of the game you will get to choose the character you want to play. To earn this achievement, select a detective (option No.1)

Big Scoop.
Complete the game as a journalist. Similarly to the detective, this time, however, choose a journalist. (option No.2)

These achievements conflict with each other and cannot be earned with a single pass of the game.

Easy Achievements

Hello, the police? just call the emergency services, dialing 112
You can also try to dial 911 (if suddenly 112 did not work)

Very Thorough
After receiving the document on Mayia’s death, you should go to the bottom of the page. Four transcripts will appear to your eye – one completed and three not completed. Save the numbers of all three, drive to the top of the page and look for the Case File number (located a little above the first photo of Mayia).
Now go to the WARDEN app, select the third icon at the top and select Transcripts later. Now you just need to fill the field three times as follows:

A) Case File ID: G31-298
Transcript Type: Interview
Transcript No: 5287
And click search.

Case File ID: G31-298
Transcript Type: Interview
Transcript No: 5288
And click search

Case File ID: G31-298
Transcript Type: Interview
Transcript No: 5289
And click search

The achievement should be unlocked.

Influencer audition.

These achievements are unlockable at the first audition of each of the three influencers individually.

Slips Up
During the first conversation alone with Arya, you need to choose the appropriate dialog options. The issues you need to select to unlock this achievement are limited in time. The dialogues you need to select are:
-Were you working the night Maya died? (Option 1)
-Working strain? (This response has no time limit)
-How do you know where she died? (Option No.2)
All you need to do is scan the window when you see this option and the achievement should be unlocked.

Rex Slips Up.
Same as with Arya. The dialog options you need to select are:
-Where were you when Maya died? (Option 1)
-You must be a busy guy. (no time limit)
-How do you know about her face injuries? (Option 3)
And as with Arya – scan the window when such an option appears and the achievement should be unlocked.

Mina Slips Up.
Same as Arya and Rex. The dialog options you need to select are:
-Did she show signs of stress before this? (Option 1)
-How do you know about the anonymous caller? (Option 3)
And again, as with Arya and Rex – scan the window when such an option appears, the achievement should be unlocked.

TRM Cards

TRM cards can be obtained by performing a fairly short test, which we find on Kimer. It’s hardly to be missed.

Note! You can earn all four achievements with one approach to the game. Just before you can take a test, the game is saved, so after obtaining a card go to the menu, enter the game and do the test again

To earn this achievement, select only images from the upper right corner in the test.

To earn this achievement, select only the images from the upper left corner in the test.

To get this achievement, select only images from the lower right corner in the test.

To get this achievement, select only images from the lower left corner in the test.

Achievement come as you progress through the game.

Initial Impressions
The achievement will fall on its own. You don’t have to worry about it.

The discovery of the truth about influencer’s
Fake Muse.
You must discover that Arya falsified her collaboration with Aluren. To do this:
-Go to Arya’s profile on the kimer
-Select the video on which you can see Arya times five times.
-Scan the page.
-Go to the WARDEN app.
-Select the document “Fashion email”.
-Select “Ambassador of Aluren” from the list of evidences and drag it to the document you want. Open the scanned proof to find out what applicant number Arya had.
-Go to surfer, select tab Aluren – “Be you. Be Aluring.”
-Down the page, wait for the page to load and select “Call now”.
-During a call, select call 3 on the keyboard, then 1 and then type 8714
Now Rachel will write to you, once you connect with her in the chat, select the following dialog options:
-I would like to follow up my application.
-Type “Arya” on your keyboard.
-I’m not good enough?
-Can’t you just let is slide?
-Is there anything I can do?
-I will take it down soon.
When Rachel sends you an article, open it and scan your phone. The achievement should be unlocked.
I note, however, that the achievement could have been unlocked earlier.

Tragic Lie.
You must uncover the truth about Mine and her tragic history.
-Go to Mina’s profile on the kimer and select the post I marked with a red “circle”” []. Click on the post and scan its description when you see it.
-Go to the WARDEN app and in the document “Mina’s Image” paste the collected proof, whose name is “Mina’s Tragedy”. In the document you receive, there is the place where Erica’s accident occurred.
-Go to the WARDEN app and select the third tab. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to select the “Road Accidents” tab
-In the box that you will see you, you need to enter:
a) Victim name: Erica Simmons
b) District: Springwood
And in a month, select August and search for the document.
-After the document appears to you, go down the page and call June Kovac.
The girl will not answer the phone, but after a while she will write to you. The issues you should choose are:
-It’s the police, I’m looking into your accident again.
-A murder case is connected to your accident.
-Sorry, it’s not about the hit-and-run driver.
-Wasn’t she involved in the crash too?
-Mina’s story is crucial to finding the hit-and-run driver.
-Sounds like a good samaritan.
-The police report didn’t mention that.
After that June should send you some messages and a link to the article about the accident. Open the link and scan the page. The achievement should be unlocked.
Ps. Also scan the chat with June when you get the opportunity.

Triangle Scheme.
You need to discover the truth about this techniques rex uses.
First, you need to contact Alive. To do this:
-Go to surfer, later to the gym website; this is in the tabs under the name “Get fit”.
-Wait for the page to load, go down a little and at “Book a master” select “Alvin, the Almighty” and type 15559166060 in your phone number.
At this point, you should get a message from Alivna. Select the following dialog options:
-Can we skip to the part where you beef up my wallet instead?
-Yeap, that’s what I’m here for.
-Minor issues?
-I want to be a millionaire.
-How does he make money from likes?
-I have to PAY to join?
-How to and start?
At this point Alivn should send you some messages and video. Open the video and watch it. After seeing the video, you should see the option to scan the image, click it and the achievement should be unlocked.

Bad endings.

In the case of bad endings, searching your phone and collecting evidence is not so important. It’s a good idea to review chats, emails, and discover the truth about influencers; However, I recommend choosing more aggressive and emphase dialogue options when talking to Rachel, June and Alivn. When talking alone with the defendants, choose nasty, distrustful dialogues and try to force influencers to identify the person they believe guilty. Work closely with the detective.

Arya Becomes An Icon.
You have to choose Arya as guilty (while making a Deduction achievement) or force the other two influencers to accuse Arya. During the interrogation of influencers, direct the dialogue with Rex and Mina so that they both identify Arya as guilty of Maya’s death.

Rex Becomes the Best.
The same situation as Arya, but this time you must co-or-two of the others accuse Rex or choose Rex as the accused (if you’re doing a Deduction achievement).

Mina Becomes a Star.
Same as rex and Arya. Choose Mina as guilty or have dialogues so that Rex and Arya identify Mina as guilty of Maya’s death

When interviewing influencers, you have to force the same number of accusations per person, for example. Mina blames Arya, Arya blames Rex and Rex blames Mina. Then you will have to choose which of the three defendants is guilty during the group chat conversation. After indicating the culprit in the group chat, the achievement should be unlocked.
Note! This achievement interferes with the achievement of “IT WAS…” which means that they cannot be earned in a single game transition.

IT WAS….As with “Deduction”; this time, however, during the interrogation you have to conduct dialogues so that two people together accuse one e.g. Arya and Mina jointly accuse Rex. When you finish the interrogations and write with all three of the accused in the group chat, you will have to accuse the example Rex along with example Arya and Mina. After a while, the accused will say that he has just signed a contract and the achievement should be unlocked.

Unworthy Influencer .When you talk to Rippleman, you have to tell the truth to Detective Murilo. When you see a chat window with a detective, you’ll have a conversation with him for a while, and after a while he’ll say that the truth needs to be discovered and asks you to confirm or deny his theory. Then select the following dialog options:
-We made a mistake, none of them caused Maya’s death.
-Maya took the deal and that’s what killed her.
The achievement should be unlocked soon. However, I am not sure if the second dialogue option I have written is necessary, but it will not hurt to choose it.

Worthy Influencer.
Similarly to the achievement of Unworthy Influencer, this time, however, you have to lie to Detective Murilo. Then select the following dialog option:
-We were right, Arya killed Maya by taking the deal.
The achievement should be unlocked soon.

Good ending part 1

To achieve these achievements, you need to conduct a second influencer audition well. You need to choose more answers that will mark the emote of the sun. I also recommend that you search your phone carefully and scan as much evidence as possible. Therefore, after all, it is worth every approach to the game to click all posts on kimer, jabbar, emails, chats, etc. In a positive end, the evidence we collect is very, very relevant. It is worth taking a few minutes to open each post. I also recommend that you deal with the matter of Mina as the second or third in order; I have no idea what dialog options appear at some point if you deal with Mine first.
It’s also worth following the guidance I’ve written in “Finding the Truth About Influencers” section, because the things we’re taking from others can serve as a positive dialogue. The dialogues that I will present below have led me to a good conclusion, which is why it is so important to follow the w.w. point.

A Summoning.
In conversation with Arya, start with her fake collaboration:
-So i did some digging into your work.
-You lied about begin their ambassador.
-That’s why you want them gone.
-Aluren didn’t make it a big deal. (This option is not a positive option, but don’t worry about it.)
-You are a fighter when things get hard.
-Maya cares for you too.
-Then give her voice a second chance.
-Then show me you are a fighter.
-You don’t have to prove anything.
-You can drop the strong woman act.
-Then suck it up and fight for it.
-I need your strenght for this.
-I can handle them, don’t worry. (This option is not a positive option, but it will not negatively affect the final outcome of the conversation with Aryia.)
Now you need to help Aryia find the number and password for the gym locker that belongs to Mayia. I hope you looked around for clues and gathered most of the evidence that could be gathered. In any case, when Aryia asks you “You there?” you need to type/select the following:
-237 (No dash.)
-HCAR (It’s also without a dash.)
After that, Aryia will call you with the news that she managed to get into Mayia’s locker and get the thing you need.
Select a dialog box:
-So what’s the totem?
After that, you will get the option to scan your phone – do it and the achievement should be unlocked.

An Exorcism.
After talking to June, you can already quietly talk to Mina. The dialogues you should choose are:
-I have to ask you about this.
-Took a while to track it down.
-Why did you make it your story?
-So it’s just branding.
-June was very thankful you were there. (This option will only appear if you have properly conducted a dialogue with June (as I described in the section “Discovering the Truth about Influencers”). However, if you have to dial option number two (negative) do not worry. What matters is the predominance of suns over clouds.
-Your work did end up inspiring people.
-She helped you grown as a person.
-You can stop it from happening again.
-Rex thinks we can end this.
-Rex wants to carry out Maya’s initial plan.
-You can help us end this. (Time dialogue, option No. 2)
-You just need some guidance. (Time dialogue, option No. 1)
-Giving up when things get hard? (Time dialogue option#3)
-You have to take control of things. (Time dialogue, option No. 1)
-Then be the better person by example. (Time dialogue, option No. 2)
-So that’s the final ritual step.
-Where can i get this software?
-Wouldn’t he know that Maya’s dead…
-I’ll seduce it out of him.
At this point, Mina will send you a contact to Ruben. You need to have a conversation with him very carefully; half of the dialogues are on time so I advise you to first read the answers and then start a conversation with Ruben.. If you have previously gained access to an archival recording of a conversation with him, please review it carefully, if you do not feel like reading it, just choose those dialog options that I will write below:
-Hey Ben!
-It’s been weeks. (Time dialogue, option No. 1)
-I’m good, and you? (Time dialogue, option No. 2)
-KimeraKon 2018, of course. (Time dialogue option#3)
-I miss KingOfWaffles! (Time dialogue, option No. 2)
-Well, that’s great! (Time dialogue option#3)
-You’re talking about the conflict of interest? (Time dialogue, option No. 1)
-I’d like that.
-I would never do that.
-Yes, the whole time.
-Grow into something more.
-Thank you for being so honest.
-You always know what i want!
At this point, Ruben will send you a link to a page where you can download the app. Wait for the page to load and download the app. The achievement should be unlocked at this point. However, if you don’t unlock yourself, write to Mina, send her proof that you have this app and choose some nice and supportive dialogue options. When the option appears, scan the pane.

A Hindrance .After talking to Alive, you can calmly switch to a conversation with Rex. The dialogues you should choose are:
-I question the legality of your operations.
-Sounds like a pyramid scheme.
-You’re just playing the system.
-You do have genuine fans.
-You are very well prepared.
-Who would’ve taken the deal?
-Try to remember for her sake.
-I can’t help you if you don’t come clean.
-Well they’re trying to play you. (Time dialogue, option No. 2)
-I’m on your side. (Time dialogue, option No. 1)
-Just give them a chance. (Time dialogue option#3)
-They’ve had your back before. (Time dialogue, option No. 1)
-I’ll convince them. (Time dialogue, option No. 1)
-What about phones? or if you’ve done a job with someone else -Did Maya tell you about ritual?
-A phone jammer? or Let’s go get it then.
-It’s probably bagged as evidence.
-I know a guy
At this point you need to write to Detective Murilo. Select the following dialog options:
-Did you find a phone jammer at Maya’s place?
-I need you to get it for me.
-It’s going to help the case.
-It can help stop the Rippleman.
-Sweet, a heist!
-He is the best in the business.
At this point, the detective should give you information about the robbery at the police station. Go to the WARDEN app, select the third tab, select the fourth option “City Records” from the third tab and complete the panes as follows:
a) Police Stations
b) Blueprints
c) West Bandrika
And click search. You will get access to the document from which you need to download information about floor number 2. After all, Detective Murilo will write to you with a few more important information. You can now go to talk to Rex. Below I will give you the dialog options you should choose to successfully complete the heist:
-Your cover name is Mr Baker.
-You’re going to impersonate a plumber.
-It’s not a big deal.
-I’ll be your guide.
-I got the blueprint.
-This is your ultimate con, man.
-Head to the pantry at the left.
-Maps are hard to read.
-Clearing the floor for easier access.
-Go left and wait at the waiting area first.
-The key to the evidence room is in the middle one.
-It’s the one with yellow tag.
-Is your cover blown?
-Where are you now?
-You need something else.
-Get to the server room, second door on the right.
-Type on keyboard 3911-B
-Good luck!
At this point, Rex will call you and let you know that he succeeded. Guide the dialogue like this:
-You’ve secured the package?
When you get the opportunity to scan the screen and then open the photo rex sent you. At this point, the achievement should be unlocked.

Good ending part 2

If you’ve done the above well, unlocking the following two achievements shouldn’t cause you a problem.

New New Beginnings.
Once you have completed all of the above steps correctly, this achievement should be unlocked. However, if you do not follow these steps:
Remember to go in a puzzle with three influencers. After the interviews (which I described above) will write to you Detective Murilo. You have to choose answers that suggest that you will help not him but a group of friends. Under no circumstances do you tell the detective the truth, tell where influencers are, or reveal the details of the plan! Enter the codes to K-Remote, which a group of friends will send you in a group chat and confirm the action.

Once Arya , Rex, and Mina’s accounts have been deleted, the achievement should be unlocked.
The deletion of accounts is preceded by a short mini-game, which is limited by a time limit.

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