Siralim Ultimate: Animator Thrive on Death Build

Build I am using revolving around animators thrive on death perk. benefitting from killing your own creature, to buff the rest of your team to massive sizes.


General Overview
The General strategy of this party will be, for the first few turns, to cast Reincarnation with all your creatures, targeting your 6th place creature, the Gravebane Wight, killing it, which will deal damage to the enemy team, plus giving massive amounts of health/stats to your other creatures. You’ll be able to do this every fight since your Reincarnation spells will have the generous enchant, giving your creatures an ethereal version that will replenish its charges between fights.
If you’re fighting a boss and the enemy is still alive after a turn or two, stop killing off the Gravebane, and switch to either attacking, or casting spells like star pact, to finish them off.

Creature order is important due to the Animator perks. (#3 and #4 can be switched though)

Monster 5 has rapid regeneration to be constantly healing every turn, as healing gives your monster a random buff, plus buffs are shared with your animatus.

Monster 3’s trait, Dark dance, is a key trait for this build, as it makes #6 deal damage twice on death, grant all your minions stats when it dies twice, and also, it will make your animatus cast corpse explosion twice, every time an enemy creature dies. The double corpse explosions often lead to chain reactions where you just kill one creature, and the corpse explosion might kill another, causing your animatus to cast it again twice, repeating until the enemy is wiped.

The Mending related traits are just to give decent healing that scales off of having high max health

Use the Bloodseeker relic on your Animatus to give it, and all your other creatures a ton of health due to the Thrive on Death Animator perk (after your creatures are killed, your animatus gains 100%(because we activate on death effects twice) of their stats)

For the artifact on the 6th creature, make it a helmet with 3 + health boosts, for large damage dealt on death, and giving more max health to your team

Monsters used, and perks.
Monster 1: Animatus
1. Brilliant Creation – +15% attack/int per dead friendly creature, +15% def/speed per living creature
2. Blessing From Below – After this creature gains stats other than health, enemies lose 25% of that

Monster 2: Unicorn Vivifier
1. Reinvigoration – After this creature attacks, 50% chance to revive random ally
2. Essential dignity – After your creatures are healed, gain a random buff
3. Natures Blessing – Your creatures have mending and take 15% less dmg

Monster 3: Nadin Rift Dancer
1. Dark Dance – All on death effects activate +1 times
2. Disposability – your creatures buffs persist through death
3. Unscathed – After your creatures are attacked, activate Mending healing

Monster 4: Leper Blightbringer
1. Pus and Pox – At the start of each enemy’s turn, afflict them with a random debuff
2. Black to white – After an enemies debuff wears off, afflict them with a random debuff
3. Unrealized Potential – After your creatures gain stats, they gain these stats an additional time but at 50% effectiveness

Monster 5: Terror Wight
1. Dark Embrace – After your creatures die, this creature gains 25% of their att/def/int/speed
2. Rapid Regeneration – At the start of each creatures turn, this creature recovers 10% of missing health
3. Absolution – After an enemy is afflicted with a debuff, they lose 15% att/int

Monster 6: Gravebane Wight
1. Woe – After this creature dies, enemies take damage equal to 30% of its max health
3. Grim Ailment – After your creatures apply a debuff, apply another random debuff. Their debuffs now only last 1 turn
3. Secret Recipe = After this creature is resurrected, your other creatures resurrect as well

Spells used

you want Soul sacrifice, on Animatus, with “Chance to cast after” properties, to heal your party, as you will be constantly gaining max health

You will need the spell Reincarnation, on at least two creatures, with the properties generous, and chance to cast twice.

Star pact with generous, potency based on health, and damage increased properties, is a good damage dealing spell

Antidote or Greater dispell make good spells to take off debuffs on your team.

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