SkateBIRD: Secret Code Menu

At the end of the credits you will see 3 numbers to input.
What do you do with those numbers? Why go to the secret code menu in the pause screen.


For those on a controller the key combination is L1+L2+R1+R2 (LB+LT+RB+RT)
Sorry keyboard players, I tried T+F+C+Z (since those correspond to the scream, transfer, and twist keys far as key bindings go but I couldn’t access it. If someone figures out the key input on keyboard please let me know so I can update the guide.

The purpose of this menu seems to be primarily for the 3 codes in the end of the credits but other numbers give different messages.

The three codes on at the end of the credits are here hidden. Any other codes will not be hidden

5302013 = Press UP on D-Pad to spawn at random points around map.
3191994 = Stick to Walls
7141983 = Super Push (Max FANCY)

The codes listed below do not have any game effects and simply are easter egg responses instead of the default “invalid” error.
69 = Nice
8008 = Mammary
420 = Winners don’t do [drugs]
1337 = U Already Leet

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