Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition: Special Outfits Guide

This guide shows all the various special outfits you can get in Sleeping Dogs, as well as their special abilities and where to acquire them.


Purchasable Outfits

These outfits can be purchased from the Legendary Outfit store at the Night Market. Do be aware that some outfits will cost an arm and a leg, so they are most likely to be purchased at a later point in the game. The following outfits (not in order) are:

Wing Chun Master

Allows you to perform a special Wing Chun ‘chain punch’ move after a 4x X combo. The attack easily breaks defense of your opponent, even if they are guarding. The outfit also slows down time when an enemy attacks, making counters easier to perform.


Gives you the ability to slow down time to perform counters easier (like the Wing Chun Master).

Retro Triad

Gives you an additional bonus to Triad experience and Face experience (good for early Triad exp leveling), and some damage resistance (no exact number specified).

Sun Wukong

Gives you 50% more melee damage and special finishing moves with a magical Monkey Stick (with the 3x or 4x heavy finishing attack). The heavy attack is guaranteed to knock enemies down, plus surrounding enemies that get hit with your stick.

GSP Outfits

These outfits increase your grappling damage and gives you the Flying Punch move, which replaces your heavy attack.

Drunken Fist

When you activate your Face Meter, Wei changes his fighting style to a Drunken Warrior. This replaces some moves and counter attacks with some hilarious drunk-like attacks (sort of like the Jackie Chan movie, Drunken Master).

Mongrel Tribe

Simply increases your melee damage by 40%.

Russian Mob

Gives you 50% accuracy with guns. Be like John Wick (sort of).


You gain less attention from the police since your heat rises half as fast.

Unknown Warrior

Gain 5% additional Face exp. Good for gaining Face bonuses quicker, but it’s not as great as wearing certain clothing items which can increase your Face by 10 or even 15%.

Bronze Warrior

Grants you a nice 60% damage reduction from melee attacks.

Agent 47

Wei shaves his head and becomes the next Agent 47 from Hitman. The outfits gives you less attention from the police and equips the Silver Baller Pistol (Agent 47’s signature silenced M1911).

Lightning Warrior

Equips the Lightning Warrior’s Sword, a unique melee weapon that can’t be broken, but can’t be stored. Worse of all, the sword might just unequip when doing a mission.

Sarif Industries Armor

Gives you 33% damage reduction from gunfire and equips you a unique assault rifle.

Rico Rodriguez Outfit

You can action hijack vehicles from a slightly further distance (but no unique action hijack animation) and you get a revolver/grenade launcher.

Tactical Outfit

Grants a nice 50% damage reduction from gunfire and gives you an assault rifle with a grenade launcher. Prepare for carnage…

Cop Outfits

Cop outfits all have the ability to do ‘cop stuff’, such as arresting suspects, taser grapple attacks, and legally hijacking other pedestrians’ vehicles.

Super-SWAT Tactical Uniform

Upon completing your first Cop Job (or two), you unlock this outfit. It gives you a very healthy 50% damage reduction.

CSI Uniform

Similarly to the SWAT Outfit, once you do more Cop Jobs, you are bound to unlock this outfit. This gives you double the Cop exp earned, but no Triad exp. Better wear this to your next case investigation.

SWAT Tactical Uniform

Again, when you do enough Cop Jobs, you should be able to unlock this outfit. Unlike the other SWAT Outfit, this only gives you 50% damage reduction from gunfire, not both melee and gunfire.

Detective Shen

You unlock this suit at the end of the story.

Beat Cop

Complete the Year of the Snake DLC to roam around Hong Kong as Officer Wei.

SDU Gear

Unlocks upon completing the Year of the Snake DLC. It’s exactly like the Super-SWAT Outfit, but without the helmet.

Martial Arts Tournament Unlocks

Upon your first completion of each Martial Arts Tournament, you’ll receive an outfit and Face exp. There are 4 tournaments in each district of Hong Kong.

Shen Zen

Reminiscent to Bruce Lee’s look from films like Fists of Fury and Enter the Dragon. This is unlocked by completing the North Point MA tournament.

Manhattan Melee

A reference to Jackie Chan’s Rumble in the Bronx. Unlocked by completing the Central MA tournament.

Hog Pen Row

Similar to what Bruce Lee wore from Enter the Dragon, but it seems to be a reference to Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle. Complete Kennedy Town MA tournament.

Bon Gak

Another Kung Fu Hustle reference. Complete the final MA tournament in Aberdeen.

Zodiac Tournament DLC

There are 2 outfits you unlock at the end of completing the Zodiac Tournament. Zodiac Tournament unlocks as you progress through the story, specifically once you start doing missions in Central.

MMA Fighter

Gives you a 40% melee damage increase, as well as special grappling attacks that replace your Leg Break and Arm Break moves.

Muay Thai

40% melee damage increase and replaces your grappling attacks and running kick with Muay Thai style attacks.

SIDE NOTE: The abilities for the outfits must be unlocked by obtaining all 12 Fire Opal Statues found on Zodiac Island. Don’t worry, you can return to the island anytime, because upon completion of the DLC, the statues appear on your minimap.

Other Unlockable Outfits

These are unlocked as you progress through the main story or from other events and activities. So don’t worry…

Work Out Clothes

Should unlock when you first visit the Martial Arts school.

Grubby Clothes

Unlocks during your first case investigation. This outfit gives you an easier time escaping the police.

Triad Enforcer

This outfit is unlocked through the side mission Death by a Thousand Cuts (yes that one). But the outfit does give you a nice boost to your damage and increases your Face Meter faster in combat.

High Roller

Should unlock as soon as you get to do missions in Central.

Mr. Black

A reference to Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.

Hai Tien Vintage Jumpsuit

The iconic Bruce Lee yellow jumpsuit from Game of Death. This is automatically unlocked in Wei’s wardrobe, but you need to be Face level 8 to wear it.

Shaolin Monk

Complete the mission where you help Peggy get these rare flowers for her wedding.

Winston Chu Ensemble

Dress like Winston and be like the Red Pole himself.

Wedding Suit

Complete The Wedding. Sadly, it’ll stay bloody…

Shaolin Warrior

Complete the side mission Shaolin Showdown. The outfit gives you a 40% melee damage boost.

Funeral Suit

Complete The Funeral.

Tourist Outfit

You’ll come across a favor from Dr. Tang where you have to track a package in a sewer line. Complete this favor and the outfit is yours.

Racing Jacket

If you do enough races (despite the rubberbanding AI), then you shouldn’t have problems unlocking this outfit. You gain 15% damage reduction from gunfire.

Doctor Uniform

Do the case where you have to look through medical records for a suspected serial killer.

Cultist Uniform

Complete the Year of the Snake DLC, plus all the side activities from the DLC to unlock this outfit in story mode. The outfit gives you slowed reflexes to perform counter easier, and a cool ability to plant bombs in trunks of cars.

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