Slender Threads Prologue Walkthrough

This is just a basic walkthrough of the game, what did you expect? Spoiler Alert!!!



I’d suggest playing the game through on your own first . The puzzles should be relatively straightforward if you’ve explored the available map and talked to the people the storyline pushes for. There’s also a hint system in the game but that just reminds you of your tasks so I decided to make this for ease of access. Enjoy?

Controls & Tips

In case you missed the tutorial or you’re looking for something here’s a quick refresher of sorts.

  • Press the escape key to see the settings and keybinds.
  • To combine items in your inventory (accessible through the bag on the top right or “I”) just click and drag them onto each other.
  • To skip dialogue just click, but I’d be careful if you’re actually interested in the lore and voice acting since there isn’t a way to rewind unless you restart the entire game, although the more important cutscenes aren’t skippable.
  • If you want to travel faster, you can double click to get Harvey to speedwalk or use the map to fast travel if you’ve been a location already.


This is a cut down version for efficiency but I’d suggest still talking to the characters you meet. They’re pretty fun, heh.

  1. Grab a manuscript from the stool next to the desk and the housekeeping sign from the nightstand
  2. Use the housekeeping sign on Room 1.
  3. The housekeeping cart will arrive, grab the laundry key
  4. Grab clothes from the hamper (Note: you can also grab the wrench from the toolbox but there
  5. isn’t any use for it that I’ve found in the prologue)
  6. Talk to the Socialite about Oswaldo and head outside
  7. Trigger a cutscene by heading to the left-side woods. This unlocks a few more dialogue options but may not be necessary to advance the prologue.
  8. Move to the right until Harvey enters Oswald’s house to investigate the radio.
  9. Grab the scissors on the floor for later.
  10. Solve the puzzle on the wall. Key: Red should go to the top right, yellow below red, the square green piece should be in the bottom right, black bottom left, and the last green top right.
  11. The puzzle implies that you should check the floorboards. Do so by lifting up the rug under the dining table.
  12. Try to use the key on the desk.
  13. Get through the conversation. Not sure if your choices count since I’ll need to run through again but I chose “Harvey Green”, [the first choice for the second prompt], and “Someone recommended I come by” (which would be the socialite).
  14. Go back to the house and grab the mannequin from the dumpster outside the boutique. Combine it with the clothes and talk to the officer in front of the house.
  15. You can’t get caught back inside so use the clothed mannequin on the crosswalk as a distraction.
  16. Congrats on your first murder in town!
  17. Use the key on the desk without being interrupted this time.
  18. Oo how fun! Anyway, click on the desk again to inspect its items.
  19. Grab the map. It unlocks the rest of the town available in the prologue and lets you fast travel to places you’ve been by clicking on the points/dots or buildings.
  20. Check out the diary. Who’s Lena?
  21. You can do this later if you want to be efficient, but head to the city hall and talk to the clerk (door on the right). In order to find out Lena’s address, you’ll need some form of ID as proof of access.
  22. The cop’s back out front, head to the bathroom, and exit out the window into the alley.
  23. Head down Mainstreet until you come across the casino. Grab a packet of matchsticks from the ashtray and leave.
  24. Go next door to the book store and grab the umbrella. Leave.
  25. Head back to First street (fast travel with the map if you’d like) and go into the open house. Enter the bedroom and say the closet seems small. Use the umbrella on the closet handles to trap the Realtor inside
  26. He’ll slip you his ID, head back to the staircase in the house and grab a cigarette cutter from the gift basket. Leave the house.
  27. Enter the City Hall and go through the middle door to the museum. Use the cigarette cutter to take off the wax figure’s statue.
  28. Go back to the open house again and head to the kitchen. Light the oven with the matches then use the wax finger on it to melt it. Now combine the scissors with the manuscript to get Harvey’s photo, use the finger on it as glue, and finally slap it onto the realtor’s ID. [You can’t turn off the oven fire. Idk if the house burn down with the realtor inside later or something in the full game rip]
  29. Head back to the museum and show or tell the clerk that you found the ID. She gives you Lena’s address.
  30. Once you’re in the house you can grab the lamp (Hey it’s the one in the thumbnail!) from the left side of the main room. Can’t do much with it at this point though. Instead, interact with the radio on the bookshelves on the right wall.

By Alias

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