Slime Rancher 2: Ember Valley Guide

Where to find and activate the portal to Ember Valley (spoiler alert)


Where To Begin

To start off, the portal to the Ember Valley Is located In the Rainbow Fields just like the portal to the Starlight Strand. To be able to activate the portal, you’ll first need to find and pop the Pink Gordo slime.

that means feeding the Gordo slime 32 of any food. Once the Gordo slime pops, it will reveal a geyser that will shoot you to a ledge just above where the Gordo slime was.

There you should find an interactive device that will then open the portal to Ember Valley ahead of you.

I hope this helps! Personally I thought the portal would be located at Starlight Strand and I spent so much time combing through that area I almost went crazy lol

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