Sniper Elite VR FAQ (Release Time & Multiplayer, etc)

Here is a common faq for you to start the game.


Sniper Elite VR FAQ

When does the game release? Thursday 8th July 2021

Will there be a physical release? There will not be a physical release of this title.

Will Sniper Elite VR have Crossbuy on Oculus? Yes, it will be cross buy at launch On Quest 2 the Rift version is supported via Air Link and PC tethered.

Will Sniper Elite VR support gun stocks? No, there is no customisation. There is variety of weapons and you can create 3 load outs.

Will there be pre-orders? No pre-orders for this title.

Does Sniper Elite VR have co-operative capabilities? It is a brand new single player campaign only. We’re returning to Italy but, rather than taking on the role of Karl Fairburne (our hero from the other Sniper Elite games), we’ve created a new lead character. You’re going to see the war from the perspective of a partisan, fighting to free his homeland from the fascist army.

Can you turn off HUD options in game? Yes there are options to turn off the HUD

Does the game support left handed players? Yes, left handed players will have options to switch.

How much will the game cost? Quest/Rift/Steam: £22.99/$29.99/€29.99

Will there be post launch support? The dev team are busy working on patches for all platforms.

Do Sniper Elite VR cater for people who suffer from motion sickness? There is a vast array of settings to combat motion sickness.

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