So long as there is Mercy: Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in So long as there is Mercy.

Note: Spiderwebs are circled in red and burnable objects are circled in blue


There are 13 spider webs to burn (including the one holding the key needed for the puzzle) and 4 non-puzzle related burnable objects

There are 3 spider webs and 6 burnable objects

The cabinet door has to be closed to burn the spider web under the sink, and the steam can’t be coming out of the pipe in from of the cabinet in order to burn the plant.

There are 7 spiderwebs and 2 burnable objects

In the first room, there are 3 spiderwebs and 2 burnable objects

In the second room there are 6 spiderwebs (the one not pictured is necessary for progression, so can’t be missed) and only 1 burnable object

Other notes
Other achievements:

  • Once you have gathered all of the ghost children, click on each of them to hear their story (storyteller achievement)
  • Sacrifice either Spe or Mercy (2 mutually exclusive achievements)
  • Bringing the 3 books, flower pot, or toilet paper all the way to the final room (1 per item and 1 for doing all 3, 4 total achievements)
  • Getting all other achievements (exactly what it sounds like)

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