Soer Dolls: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

This is an optimized step-by-step walkthrough of the game.


The premise of this game is simple: Avoid monsters, and ghosts, while collecting the five dolls and finding secret places. To open doors, press ‘E’. You can use the flashlight with ‘F’.

If you’re being chased, you can run into a house and close the door behind you. The monster won’t follow you inside. Keep doing this until you find all five dolls. Doll locations are always random inside houses. Monsters can sometimes spawn inside houses, but it happened very rarely for me.

The first secret location can be found inside the house to the right side of the road, as soon as you spawn.
Note: Spawn is also random, keep restarting until you see the same house as in the screenshot.

Opening the door and looking inside will unlock the following achievement:
Spooky Place

  • Visit the place

Going up the stairs and looking at the objects located on the floor will unlock:

  • Visit the place

The other secret is very close to this location. To the right as you go outside, you should be able to see this house.

Go inside, down the stairs, and in the far corner of the basement, the following achievement will unlock:
Secret Places

  • Visit the place

At the intersection, you’ll see this house. Enter it.

As soon as you go up the stairs, you’ll unlock this achievement:
Curious Muzzle

  • Visit the place

To the right of the previous place, two blocks away, you’ll see this house.

As soon as you open the door, you’ll unlock this achievement:

  • Visit the place

Die once to the monster, for the following:
Dead man

  • Die at the hands of the Monster

If you’re starting to move in slow-mo at any time, that means there’s a ghost close to you. If you die, you’ll unlock Victim. To get the other achievement, have a quick look at the ghost, just enough to steal a bit of health from you, and then run away.

  • Die at the hands of the Ghost


  • Look at the Ghost, but survive

Now all that’s left is to find all five dolls.
Note: You can find multiple dolls inside a house, so search every house thoroughly.

  • Find 1 Doll


  • Find 2 Dolls


  • Find 3 Dolls


  • Find 4 Dolls


  • Find 5 Dolls

The game can sometimes skip dolls (from 2/2 to 4/5, or from 3/5 to 5/5) and not award you with the achievement. I couldn’t find any fix for that, just attempt again until you get all your doll achievements.

Congratulations on your completion!

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