Solitude Underwater: All Achievements Guide

A guide to help you unlock all the achievements in Solitude Underwater.


Story Achievements


Get eaten by a shark for the first time.

Lungs Full Of Water

Drown for the first time.

Bad Connection

Attempt to radio Dominic on the ocean floor one time.
Self-explanatory. I think everyone who has played this game for at least 10 minutes has tried to radio Dominic, so like…

No Cage Can Hold Me

Free yourself from the shark cage.
Part of the story.


Swim all the way back to the boat.
Part of the story.

The Perfect Fratricide

Get killed by Dominic.
More or less part of the story. Everyone has a soft side, right? 🙂

Abel Slays Cain

Kill Dominic.
Part of the story.

It Tastes Air-riffic!

Reach the ocean’s surface.
Part of the story.

Mr. Manta Ray Is Camera-Shy.

Scare off the manta ray with your phone’s light.
While it’s not technically part of the story, the game does literally suggest getting your phone out and taking a picture…

Achievements you have to work for

Anton Chekhov Tips His Hat At You

Interact with the shotgun twice before entering the shark cage.

Frequent Caller

Radio Dominic six times before he stops the boat.

Zane Ryker’s Amazing Journey Through 25 Shark Stomachs

Get eaten by sharks 25 different times.
Easiest way to do this is to beat the game on Normal mode once, then play on Hardcore up to the Ascent (Part 2) and just keep restarting.

An Aquaphobe’s Recurring Nightmare

Drown 25 different times.
Easiest way to do this is to beat the game on Normal mode once, then start again on Hardcore and just keep restarting at the very beginning.


Fend sharks off with your phone 50 times.
Self-explanatory. You’re guaranteed to get this when playing on Hardcode mode.

The Definition Of In-Zane-ity

Attempt to radio Dominic on the ocean floor 10 times.

Not Today, Jaws!

Complete an entire playthrough of this game without dying once.
After you’ve seen everything (and using my other guide on “How to beat the Game™”), this is no problem.

An Army Wouldn’t Have Stopped Me, Dominic!

Complete the game on Hardcore Mode without dying.
Again, not that hard if you use my other guide and got the corresponding achievement for Normal mode without issues.

Insurmountable Odds

Acquire all 18 achievements.
You’ll get this using the tips in this guide.

Using Your Head

Find and use the boat’s toilet.
It’s on the right inside the cabin. Only accessible after you’ve killed Dominic.

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