Soma Union: 100% Achievement Guide

A detailed achievement guide and walkthrough to get you your 100% as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Step by step instructions.



Estimated difficulty: 3/10.

Estimated 100% time: ~15-20 hours.

Offline/online achievements: 27 offline / 0 online.

Number of playthroughs: 1.

Glitched achievements: None.

Missable Achievements: 1. Holding These Forever.

If you played the game on before coming to Steam, there’s a book in the library you can interact with to sync any achievements you may have earned!

Step 1 – Complete the story + find all collectibles
I played through the game on Normal difficulty and had zero issues completing the story with minimal grinding. However, all achievements can be earned on story difficulty (outside of one secret boss who ignores difficulty), so if you don’t feel like making the 100% harder or longer than it needs to be feel free to do that! While you’re going through be sure to grab all the collectibles as you go. None of the schematics are missable, but the 3 gems in Cobalt Castle are unless you go into NG+.

Step 2 – Post-game clean up
Now that we’ve finished the game it’s time to grind out to level 40-45 and clean up any achievements you haven’t done yet. Once you’re level 40-45, head back to the Virtue to complete the 3 secret bosses and any training dummies you may still need.

Tips & Tricks

  • Elemental attacks cost no MP (unless you boost them) and almost always do more damage than physical attacks, plus you get the benefit of hitting enemies weaknesses. A few enemies resist or avoid elemental attacks, so be sure to always check and adjust accordingly.
  • Pulse is an extremely helpful Sigil. I casted this on pretty much every boss and training dummy for extra damage.
  • Alongside Pulse, Lumen can poison enemies when he’s in support mode. Having these 2 combines can add up to a lot of tick damage!
  • Having a proper Support/Power set up will help make bosses a cakewalk. I go over what worked for me in each dungeons section.
  • At the start of every new dungeon, head to Carrot Palooza and upgrade your gear. I always bought the weapons that increased my Mind more than my Attack for Zero/Lumen, and Attack over Mind for Reca.
  • Explore maps as much as possible. There are tons of little purple orbs that grant you Stardust!
  • The Star Chart has a 20% XP increase that costs 2,000 Stardust. We need to grind out to ~40-45 so this will help a ton.
  • I never used my Power Gems and got some decent rewards from them.
  • If you need to grind, find a save location and grind in the area immediately after. This way, if you need to return for HP/MP recovery it is only a few steps away.
  • To save your sanity I highly recommend putting text speed on instant, battle speed on max (1), and disabling combat animations, especially when grinding levels.

Story Related

A Dreamy Place Complete Cobalt Castle.

This unlocks after clearing the Cobalt Castle dungeon. This boss has 2 forms, one is ice and the other is moon. If it’s in ice mode, have ??? attack with Comet (I think the attack was called). If it’s in Moon form have Zero attack with ice.

What’s On the Horizon Complete the Prologue.

After making your way to the garden with Reca you’ll ambushed by 2 waves of shadow monsters and then the Shadow Vexer boss. These enemies are all weak to lightning damage. For these fights I set Zero to support and kept the other 2 on power. Buff Reca’s physical attack with ice and spam lightning with Lumen. After the fight a cutscene will play and the achievement will unlock.

A Natural Place Complete Jubilee Jungle.

This will unlock after clearing Jubilee Jungle. The boss here is weak to fire. Start the fight with Lumen in support, and the other 2 in power. Cast magic down on it, as well as magic up on both Zero and Reca. Once you’ve done that have them spam ice and fire on it while Lumen heals and maintains buffs.

An Ancient Place Complete Ramble Ruins

This will unlock after clearing Ramble Ruins. The boss of this area is weak to ice/water. Start the fight with all 3 party members in power as you’ll need to cast 4 randomly selected spells to break its shield. Once you do that, have Reca lower its attack before switching her into support. Zero and Lumen will be spamming ice and water. Make sure to also buff your attackers with magic up as well as debuffing the boss with defense down.

Protector of the Land Complete Chapter 1.

After defeating the Rambling Ruins boss fight you will have to enter another one with Alpha. The set up for this doesn’t matter much since she has no elemental weakness. Lower Alpha’s attack damage and buff your 2 attackers spell damage. Keep laying into Alpha until they force your roles to flip. From here, reapply any buffs/debuffs and flip one person to power on the next turn. Heal and restore your MP as needed.

A Fun Place Complete Lamp Land.

Start with all 3 characters in power mode and apply any buffs/debuffs you need. Once done switch Zero to support and have him continue to buff your team and heal. Meanwhile have Reca and Lumen casting splash/quake. This boss has a gimmick similar to the follow the cup game. Memorize where the Joker card is on the screen and follow it as it switches spots. if you guess correctly you get healed. Guess wrong and you take damage.

A Rusty Place Complete Fractured Factory.

The boss for Fractured Factory can actually be a bit tough if you’re not prepared. The boss starts with 2 batteries; an attack booster and a defense booster. They both take 3 hits to disable. Have all 3 characters in power mode and use your multi-hit attacks to hit all 3 enemies at once. We want to disable those batteries ASAP, especially the attack one. Once the batteries are down, switch Reca to support so her and Zero can do any buffs/debuffs while Lumen lays into the Drill with lightning.

The Heir Abhorrent Complete Chapter 2.

The final boss of chapter 2 is much like Alpha from chapter 1. Your lineup and strategy here doesn’t matter much due to him having no elemental weakness. Keep up the act of buffing/debuffing and healing when you can. He isn’t too difficult to deal with.

A Flooded Place Complete Ripple Railway.

This boss is prett simple and easy to beat, but you probably won’t have time for buffs/debuffs. Start the fight with Zero/Reca in power, and Lumen in support. Lumen’s whole job this time is to heal and cast magic up when you can. Have Zero and Reca casting Gale/Quake. When he spawns an add, be sure to kill it quickly so you’re not taking on extra damage.

A Freezing Place Complete Boreal Bastion.

The final boss of this area has 3 forms. Ice, snow, and storm cloud. Ice is weak to lightning, snow to fire, and cloud to gale. I started the fight with Zero in support while the other 2 dealt damage. Once it went into cloud form I switched all 3 to power and just finished it off.

An Unexpected Place Complete Lurid Laboratory.

As with the other Spirit bosses, he has no elemental weakness so your set up is mostly irrelevant. However, I opted to have Zero and Lumen as my damage dealers for this fight while Reca healed simply from a damage perspective. Whenever roles flipped I would flip them back to that set up as soon as possible so I was doing as much damage as possible.

A Spirit’s Purpose Complete Chapter 3.

After defeating Gamma move on to fight Professor M. I used the same strategy I used for Gamma here, but with a slight variation at the start. M has 3 forms, but the only one that can actually be a little tough is his first. During his first phase he will stun your characters in order, essentially leaving you with only 2 to fight. This means we’ll only have 1 attacker and 1 supporter at a time. Once you get past this form you can go straight back to the basic set up from Gamma and wail on him as usual.

A Familiar Place Complete Mysterious Memory.

Start the boss fight off with both characters in power. The reason for this is we want both of them casting their multi-hit attacks to deal with the 2 attack/defense modules on the door. Once you need healing switch Zero to support because Bright doesn’t have Cure Us. Once you switch Zero don’t switch him back. Just leave Bright to do all the damage with Comet. Cast Pulse and magic up whenever you get the chance.

Twice Divided Complete Chapter 4.

After going through quite a few cutscenes you’ll eventually have to escape the factory while defeating basic shadow mobs. Escape the factory for the achievement.

Story Related (Cont.)

A Glorious Place Complete Corrupted Citadel.

I’m pretty sure by now you got the gist on how to defeat Spirit bosses. Treat Guidance the same way you did the others and you’ll be just fine. You should note that he can instantly kill a random party member, though he does it rarely.

Soma Union Complete the game.

Well, here we are. Final boss. Look, I’m not going to sugar coat it – this boss is nothing special. Treat him the same way you did Guidance and you’ll be done in no time. Congrats on beating the game!

The Rematch Nobody Asked For Face off against the Cooler Crusader.

After completing the story, 2 special bosses will open up on the Virtue. I recommend being 35-40+ for this boss. Cooler Crusader can be fought inside Neato Toys. Have Lumen set to support while the other 2 deal damage. While the fight is not too difficult, he can hit like a truck. During the first phase, don’t waste your resources buffing and debuffing, etc. Just attack him o push his health. Once he enters phase 2 (serious mode) it’s time to do all that. Cast Pulse, Healing Aura, Poison, etc. and buff Reca for increased fire damage. Having a few spare Star Candy can also help if playing on the harder difficulties.

One Day They’ll Shine Again Stop the Sundown Squad’s questionable plan.

After completing the story, 2 special bosses will open up on the Virtue. I recommend being 35-40+ for this boss. The Sundown Squad can be fought inside the Carrot Palooza. This fight can actually be a bit tough and kind of tedious on higher difficulties. This is because there’s 3 enemies, they can hit fairly hard, and every couple of turns they will go invincible in order. The best way I found to deal with them was to set Lumen to support and have the other 2 cast spells, while focusing one enemy at a time until they go invincible. Keep rotating who you’re targeting and healing as needed. I suggest casting Pulse, poison, and Healing Aura as necessary. I also recommend bringing a good stock of supplies to restore your HP/MP in a pinch.

A Service to Clerical Workers Everywhere Fix the copy machine in the library.

After defeating the previous 2 secret bosses, talk to Beta outside the Garden and he will sell you a copy machine repair kit for 25,000 gold. Once you have it, head up to the library on the 3rd floor for our final boss. I HIGHLY recommend being ~45 for this boss. Lv. 45 is where I fought it and it still put up a hell of a fight. Make sure you have a healthy stock of consumables because you’re going to hemorrhage HP and MP in this fight. Equip your characters with their best weapons/armor, Quick Ring++ on all of them, and the Moonlight Sigil on somebody. The reason for the rings and Moonlight is because the Copy Machine moves extremely fast. We need to make sure our healer is beating it to the punch. You could also equip Starlight if you want a round 1 Pulse, but it isn’t necessary.

I started the fight with Lumen and Reca in support. Reca did the basic support jobs while Lumen buffed Zero with poison. After that, switch Lumen to power and apply Pulse. Its first phase is fire, so you will want to use ice/water for increased damage. After you take a quaret of its health it will transform to ice. Its weakness here is fire, so I switched Zero and Reca’s roles for this section. At about half it will transform to electric. Quake/water will be the weakness. It’s final quarter is tough as it transforms to the Moon element or whatever it is. It has no elemental weaknesses so switch Reca and Zero again. Occasionally during the final form it will reflect magic. make sure you’re paying attention to that so you don’t accidentally kill your team. It will also have increased speed and may outspeed your healer, so be prepared for that.

If you’re low on resources, pop a Moon Candy if you have any left, or drop an attack in favor of popping an MP restore. never have your healer do this unless it’s safe to do so. If only one person needs to be healed just use Heal or an HP item instead of Heal Us. Muffin Boxes can be extremely helpful in a pinch.


Holding These Forever Obtain every Power Gem.

Missable! Every dungeon in the game has 3 Power Gems. You simply need to collect them for the achievement, not turn them in. The 3 in Cobalt Castle can be missed so make sure you grab them!

These Aren’t All That Neato Return every Toy Schematic to Neato Toys.

You must collect and return all 7 schematics to Neato Toys for the achievement to unlock.

Cobalt Castle

  • PG1: After running into Dockington on the stairs head up and loop through the halls until your back outside. Take the first few jump pads and you should spot the gem below you. Loop around to another jump pad below to reach it. This is story related and must be collected.
  • PG2: After acquiring Pulse head right and you’ll come across a purple rectangular NPC. The gem is a little further to the right in plain sight.
  • PG3: In the same room as the last gem. At the top.

Jubilee Jungle

  • PG1: To the lower left of the starting area.
  • PG2: After meeting General Tomato, head north to the next screen. This gem can be found on the bottom center. use the rotating jump pads to reach it.
  • PG3: Head to the next screen to find a group of tomatoes and blueberries arguing. Continue to the screen on the right to immediately spot the gem. Follow the jump pads down to the lower center to collect it.
  • Toy Schematic: Directly below the 3rd gem in the golden chest.

Ramble Ruins

  • PG1: After entering the ruins, head to the red side (left). Make your way past the spike traps until you come to 8 of them moving in sets of 4. Cross their path and head up to find the gem.
  • Toy Schematic: In the next room you’ll have to navigate a rotating ring of spikes. Pass this and head straight down to find 2 more spikes moving along a rectangular wall with the golden chest inside.
  • PG2: After clearing the red side head to the blue (right). Make your way through the first room until you hop on to a ledge with a ton of vases. Drop down and you should immediately see the gem below you.
  • PG3: The final gem will be a bit further into the dungeon. You’ll enter a room where you need to collect 5 keys to proceed. The gem is directly next to one of the keys.

Lamp Land

  • PG1: Start by heading to the gift area. Make your way through the puzzles until you enter Petty Prizes. Complete the puzzle and exit out from the other side. Head right along the brick wall to find the gem.
  • PG2: After opening the first locked gate, head to the Funhouse and go inside. Take the jump pad to the left and you should spot the gem on the ledge below you.
  • PG3: After entering the Big Top head upstairs and you should spot the gem in the center of the room. Simply use the jump pads to reach it.
  • Toy Schematic: At the top right of the same room as the last gem. Simply climb up the ladder to reach the chest.

Fractured Factory

  • PG1: Once you enter the 2nd room with all the conveyor belts (B3), take them down to the very bottom and go left.
  • PG2: Head down to B5 and use the jump pads to move to the right side of the room. You will spot the gem in plain view. Pretty much impossible to miss.
  • Toy Schematic: Head down to B7 (where you have to collect 5 keys) to find this up near the top right. It will be just before the green switch.
  • PG3: After activating the bridge head back upstairs to the newly accessible room. You should immediately spot the gem to your left. Loop around to the left to reach it.

Ripple Railway
There is a clam you can speak to in B1 of Ripple Railway who will ask you for 7 hermit crabs, but we need to collect and deliver all 10 for an achievement.

  • Crab 1:Head left from the clam into the next room to immediately spot the crab on the tracks.
  • Crab 2:From the B landing of the B/C room go straight up.
  • Crab 3:Drop down to the C landing of the B/C room and go left. You should immediately see it on the ledge above you.
  • PG1: Directly above the previous crab.
  • Crab 4: After activating the C side button, take the jump pad into the first underwater section. Hug the left wall to find the crab under a bubble you use to refill your air.
  • Crab 5: After exiting the underwater section into A1, head into the room above to immediately spot the crab on the tracks below.
  • Crab 6: After riding the train to B2, head down to the next screen. You’ll find a jellyfish NPC and the crab on the ledge above her.
  • Crab 7: After collecting the last crab, climb down the ladder then climb up the next one you see. Enter the A/B platform to find the last crab.
  • Crab 8: Head up to the A platform of A/B and go left towards A2. Keep going left until you spot the crab.
  • Toy Schematic: On the ledge above the previous crab.
  • PG2: Directly below crab 8.
  • Crab 9: Continue on to platform A2 and you’ll see another jump pad to an underwater section. The crab is bottom center, just before a row of 5 fish alternating sides at the end.
  • Crab 10: After hitting the button in A3 backtrack to A2. This time keep going to the left to find another area with an underwater section. The crab is about halfway through just before another row of 5 fish.
  • PG3: After exiting the previous underwater section continue forward to the next room and you’ll spot a bottle NPC. The gem is on the ledge above him.

Great in a Soup Exchange every Hermit Crab in Ripple Railway.

Boreal Bastion

  • PG1: As soon as you enter the forest you’ll probably spot the gem on the left side of the screen. Loop around the trees to find a jump pad up to it.
  • PG2: In the next room you’ll have to cross a slippery ice puzzle. After doing so, don’t cross the large bridge ahead just yet. instead go right to find the gem next to two chests.
  • PG3: After the room where you collect 5 keys you’ll enter an area where your vision is obscured by a blizzard. Thankfully this gem is right next to the pillars at the exit. Pretty much unmissable.
  • Toy Schematic: After the sledding mini-game head into the next room. Drop off the first ledge and hook an immediate right to find it on the ledge above.

Collectibles (Cont.)

Lurid Laboratory

  • PG1: Enter the 2nd room of the laboratory and you’ll spot this gem out of reach to the left. Take the jump pad to your right and defeat the Oozie Pilot that comes over to obtain the item we need to reach the gem.
  • PG2: After passing R&D head downstairs to a room with a chemical spillage. The gem is all the way to the left. You’ll need to walk across a bit of the spillage to reach it.
  • Toy Schematic: In the same room as the previous gem. Head down to cross over a metal grate, then go left again. You’ll need to pass over 2 large chemical spills. Make sure you heal after each puddle. This is the final schematic!
  • PG3: After activating the 3rd log and learning about Gamma’s past, head into the next room. Loop around until you find the pad for the rail system. Ride it over to the gem.

Mysterious Memory

  • PG1: After arriving at the giant locked door, head left first. Go through to the 2nd room and you should see the gem below you next to a Star Charge.
  • PG2: Head back to the locked door and take the right path this time. You should spot the gem directly above you. Loop around to grab it.
  • PG3: Head back to the door and take the top path now. Cross the room and climb up a vine into the next where you’ll see 3 bounce pads. Use the center one to find the gem.

Corrupted Citadel
In this dungeon lies 6 pieces of Legendary Equipment we will also need to collect for an achievement.

  • PG1: After passing the save point inside the castle you should spot the gem to your right. Follow the path around to the left and use the jump pads to reach it.
  • LE1: Continue to climb the tower until you come to the 2nd outdoor balcony. Halfway through you will spot a green door with an eye on it. Head inside and initiate the boss fight. I had Zero in support while the other 2 attacked. Buff Reca since the boss is weak to fire and have Lumen cast Guard Break. Use Pulse as soon as you can and then keep your team healed and buffed.
  • PG2: Once back inside you should spot the gem off to the left. Simply loop around to grab it.
  • LE2: Halfway through the 3rd outdoor balcony is another green door leading to a boss fight. Have Reca start in support mode since the boss is weak to ice/water. You’ll need to break it’s shield by hitting each piece with the proper element. If one of the elements is Reca’s, have her infuse another characters melee attack with that element.
  • LE3: Halfway through the 4th balcony will be another door and boss. Once again, have Reca start in support. Have Zero and Lumen use their multi attack twice to lower the batteries health bars. On the 3rd turn, have Lumen attack the boss with lightning since it’s weak to it, and have Zero finish off the batteries with another multi.
  • PG3: After heading inside from the 4th balcony, head up the path and to the left to spot our final gem. Keep looping around to grab it.
  • LE4: Continue through the dungeon until you climb a large staircase to a new save area. Head down the staircase in the middle and make your way through the small maze to the next boss. Start this fight with all 3 in power mode. Have them all cast multi attack until you need to heal, then switch Reca so your stronger mages are still attacking. Once the attack/defense modules are destroyed, have Lumen cast defense down and go to town. Don’t forget to cast Pulse as soon as possible for extra chip damage.
  • LE5: Take the shortcut back and go left from the save point this time. Follow the path through to the next boss. Start with all 3 in power mode. Have Zero and Reca cast gale/quake, and have Lumen cast defense down. On the next turn immediately set Lumen to support for heals. Whenever an add shows up have one person fight that and the other fighting the boss. Having Lumen infuse poison on someone can also help.
  • LE6: Finally, warp back and take the path to the right this time. Go into the boss with all 3 set to power. Cast gale, fire, and shield break on the first round. Once you have Pulse set up switch Zero to support, then have Reca and Lumen spamming lightning/fire. If the boss somehow switches to cloud form, have Zero cast gale.

Practically Free At This Point Obtain all six legendary pieces of equipment in Corrupted Citadel.


We Can Solve Anything Attain Party Level 35.

All 3 part members must reach level 35. I’m not sure if difficulty determines how much XP you get. I earned this about halfway through the final dungeon while playing on Normal with the 20% XP upgrade.

Showed Those Inanimate Objects Who’s Boss Earn all of the Target Score prizes from the Training Dummies.

Head to the 3rd floor of the Virtue and enter the right door to find the training area in the center of the room. The objective is to deal a certain amount of damage to the dummy within 10 rounds of combat. You must beat the score for all 5 dummies. I recommend saving this achievement for last, that way you have powerful gear and are around level 40-45.

  • Lv. 5 Dummy: 300 damage.
  • Lv.10 Dummy: 700 damage.
  • Lv.20 Dummy: 1800 damage.
  • Lv.30 Dummy: 3500 damage.
  • Lv.40 Dummy: 5000 damage.

I did the level 40 dummy at level 37, but I had to get very creative and have good RNG. Equip Zero and Lumen with their highest Mind weapon, and Reca with Attack. I started the fight with Reca and Lumen in support mode. Zero casted ice, Reca casted Energy Aura, and Lumen casted Poison on Zero. On round 2 (9 turns remaining), Zero cast Pulse, Reca switched to power and used Cleave, Lumen switched to power and casted Shield Break. From there spam spells with Zero/Lumen and Cleave with Reca until turn 6 (5 rounds remain). You should need to refill Reca’s MP now so do so. On turn 7 (4 rounds remain) don’t use Cleave, use Crush or you won’t have enough MP for Aura Blast. Finally, on turn 8 (3 turns remain) have Reca cast Aura Burst. Hopefully you hit high and got a few crits during the fight.

This is the method I used, however there may be easier ones. Coming here after defeating the Copy Machine may make this a cakewalk, I’m simply detailing my strategy.

Appreciate the Night Sky Spend at least 7500 Stardust on the Star Chart.

Spending 7500 Stardust requires you to almost max out the Starchart. As long as you’re fighting encounters and exploring maps thoroughly, you should have just enough by the time you finish the game. If not you’ll have to grind encounters to gain more or try to find any pickups you might have missed.

This Is Becoming a Problem Buy soda from vending machines 256 times.

You can find soda machines on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Virtue. Each soda costs 20 gold so this will run you exactly 5,120 gold. This is actually a pretty small amount, but I recommend saving right before you do so you don’t waste the money. Once you have enough get ready to spam the interact key for 5-10 minutes.

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