Somerville: 100% Achievement Guide

Text & Screenshot based guide to 100%. You won’t miss them due to chapter select.


Normal Achievements

There are 7 achievements in this part, and except for the last one, which is slightly troublesome, the rest of them are very simple. All the achievements are listed in walkthrough order, except for the last one.

World’s best dad
Clean up after your kid.

Chapter 2-1
Close both drawers and the window.

Weary traveller
Take a short rest.

Chapter 4-6
Sit on the bench for a while until you get the achievement.

“Here boy…” 
He’s taking the long way round.

Chapter 5-1
Walk through the street with big red letters, and you will drop down into a new area.
Then, you will find your dog can’t get down. Just wading through the water and head back to where you dropped down.
Now you will find your dog, who was initially sitting and waiting for you will now be gone. And the achievement is yours. 你

Stuck on the John 
Find somewhere quiet to hide.

Chapter 5-3
When the car alarm go off, you need to hide in the portable toilet. Stay a little longer until you get the achievement.

Kind of Blue
Jazzed up the stage lighting.

Chapter 5-5
When you firstly see the stage, you need to turn on the electrical box below by pulling the lever at the top of the ladder. Then hold the lever down and press the left trigger to light up the stage in the distance.

Accepted fate on the first offer.

Chapter 13-3
Sit on the sofa with your fake family until you get the achievement.

First Contact
Made some new friends.

There are 10 places you could find hidden alien balls in the game. Find all of them and you will get the achievement. You don’t need to find all of them in one walkthrough. You could do this after you finish the game.

  1. Chapter 3-3
    Move the straw roll in front of the aircraft.
  2. Chapter 4-4
    Get inside when you see this. You will find an alien ball is making a speech to the others.
  3. Chapter 5-2
    Head back when you loaded this section, it’s in the trunk of the car.
  4. Chapter 5-4
    Remove the boards which is blocking the fence.
  5. Chapter 5-6
    After you slide down the slope, open the portable toilet.
  6. Chapter 6-4
    In this narrow passage, you will find a hole. Get inside and head left.
  7. Chapter 6-7
    You must remember this puddle.
    Before you go left, use the red light to make the water surface solid. Go right until you find the alien balls.
  8. Chapter 6-8
    when you lift the door with a minecart, go ahead and you will find a ladder.
    Go right before you climb up the ladder.
  9. Chapter 9-1
    Before you find your wife and son, go left and you will find a door blocked by a trolley.
    Move the trolley, get inside and you will find a a moving cardboard box. Turn the box over.
  10. Chapter 10-1
    When you see this police car, go right. Use blue light to remove the alien material.
    Open the door, and the alien ball is inside.

Ending Achievements

There are 4 achievements in this part, corresponding to four endings. In the end, you need to “communicate” with three aliens. Different musical notes/colors correspond to different endings.

War of the worlds
Chose the path of violence.

Just keep pressing Purple (Blue+red), and you will unlock this ending.

Resignation Reprise
Accepted fate on the second offer.

Play “Blue Red Blue” just like the aliens, then “Purple Purple Purple”, and you will see a house rise up. Walk in and you will see the second ending.

Family First
Chose family above all else.

In the first time, play “Blue Red Blue”. Then play “Blue Blue Blue”, and you will see a sphere rise up. Interact with that to unlocked this achievement.

Chose diplomacy.

In the first time, play “Blue Red Blue”. Then “Blue Blue Blue Purple Purple Purple”, and then “Blue Blue Blue Red Purple Purple”. In the end, play “Purple Purple Purple Blue Purple Purple Red Red Red”.

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