Songs of Syx: How to make Cantor a Starting Race

A guide on how to make Cantors, the grumpy but girthy giants of Songs of Syx, selectable from the world creation menu as a starting race.


The How-To
Browse Local Files
First, you’ll want to right click Songs of Syx in your game library and pull up “Browse Local Files”

Cantor.txt Location by Search Bar
Next, you’ll want to either search for the file Cantor.txt by typing exactly Cantor.txt in the folder search bar on the top right (for exact Cantor.txt location and other race locations see further down).

Two options will come up, right click the largest one and open with Notepad or a similar app.

Alternatively, you can simply find it here and open Cantor.txt with Notepad or a similar app:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Songs of Syx\res\data\assets\init\race

Editing Cantor.txt
Lastly, the first line you see is the one you will want to edit;
rewrite PLAYABLE: false, to PLAYABLE: true,

Make sure you click file then save to finalize.

Playing Cantor as Starting Race
You will now want to make a new game and select Cantor as the Starting Race

Editing Cantor Further
Or, if you want to edit the Cantors further to however you’d like, revisit the same Cantor.txt file.

Hope this helps!
Sorry for the garbage picture quality on some, you know how it goes.

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