Sonic Adventure DX: Best Locations for Extra Lives

A simple guide for where I found the quickest to grind lives for each character


Emerald Coast – 20ish seconds in – behind the hill with the 2 monkeys right after the first checkpoint where the ramp leads to the next checkpoint


Sky Deck – 15-20 seconds in – first section, fly to the first platform you see above the walkway, then fly to the platform behind the sphere you should be able to see with monkey bars and a ladder, there’s a life under the monkey bars, then another right ahead on the next platform


Red Mountain – 10-15 seconds in – go back and to the right towards the outer wall, follow the fans, look for 2 small pillars with green platforms on their side


Final Egg – 25-30 seconds in – under the single claw after the first checkpoint and corridor with the laser eggs
NOTE: it’s very risky but if you’re lucky you can absolutely get enough rings in Twinkle Park’s first area quicker than this but it’s very unreliable


Emerald Coast – like 5 seconds in – little hill right behind where you spawn. The pain is catching Froggy after you’ve gotten all 99


Red Mountain – 15-20 seconds in – when the ramp leads up to a little shelf-like hole in a rock, there’s a life in that hole

If Needed: How to Get Into Sky Deck

To get into Sky Deck in postgame, go to the Egg Carrier, then into the room with the big chair and hit the switch to change the form, then go down to the bridge and ride the tram thing that appears from hitting the green switch on the floor, ride it and fly up to the door pictured

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