Sonic Superstars: Achievements Guide 100%

Do YOU want to 100% Sonic Superstars by getting all the Achievements? Well, this should (hopefully) make it just slightly easier to obtain!


Welcome to the Guide!

Hi! Since the game has just come out, I may not have all the time in the world to keep this guide updated. Please feel free to comment and leave suggestions and feedback, or maybe some additional info I missed! Anything to help make the guide be more helpful for readers and players.

Zone Clear Achievements

You’ll get these as you go through the game. I believe you have to do the optional character specific Acts for it to count, so if you’re missing one, that may be why! Also, if you don’t want to know the zone order, then don’t look at this section!

Cleared all of BRIDGE ISLAND.

Cleared all of SPEED JUNGLE.

SKY TEMPLE Completed
Cleared all of SKY TEMPLE.

Cleared all of PINBALL CARNIVAL.

Cleared all of LAGOON CITY.

Cleared all of SAND SANCTUARY.

Cleared all of PRESS FACTORY.

Cleared all of GOLDEN CAPITAL.

Cleared all of CYBER STATION.

Cleared all of FROZEN BASE.

Cleared all of EGG FORTRESS.

Emerald Power Achievements

Much like the Zone Clear Achievements, you get these as you collect the Seven Chaos Emeralds, and use their powers, accordingly. Pretty straight forward. These achievements should be in the order you obtain the Emeralds.

Used the Blue Emerald power “Avatar”.

Used the Red Emerald power “Bullet”.

Used the Purple Emerald power “Vision”.

Flow Like Water
Used the Light Blue Emerald power “Water”.

Vine Climb
Used the Green Emerald power “Ivy”.

The Gentle Flow of Time
Used the Yellow Emerald power “Slow”.

Distinctive Flair
Used the White Emerald power “Extra”.

Turned Super using the 7 Chaos Emeralds.

Just remember you need at least 50 Rings to activate your Super form. That’s it, really.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Time to get into the weird stuff. This is likely where you might start to find some you don’t have, so watch out!

Whirligig World
Cleared 1 Bonus Stage.

Once you reach a checkpoint with 50 rings or more, go into the portal above the checkpoint and clear the Bonus Stage by collecting at least one Medal. Pretty simple.

Fruity Frontier
Cleared an ACT “Fruit”.

Hidden in the stages are Fruits you can collect, and you can also obtain one in any Act with an animal Capsule as it’s goal. With these Fruits, you can access one of three “Act Fruit” levels, located on Bridge Island, Pinball Carnival and Press Factory. Do any one of these, clear it, and the achievement is yours.

Buddy Bond
Cleared a Stage with a friend.

Beat any Act in the game with more than one player. You may need a spare controller for this one, if no one wants to play with you, haha.

Ring King
Collected 10,000 Rings.

Self-explanatory. I’d recommend trying out those Act Fruit stages, as they give a ton of Rings, but you should be able to get this just by playing the game normally, or at the very least while going for other achievements.

ACT “Fruit” Aficionado
Collected 600 or more Rings from ACT “Fruit”.

Speak of the devil, huh? This one can be kinda tough, and it took me quite a few tries! I was able to do it on Bridge Island as Sonic (the layout changes depending on your character), but as long as you can do any of them with 600 or more Rings, you should be fine; just remember the end of the Act gives about 50 or so Rings, so don’t go thinking you lost if you’re at around 540 Rings, you may have a shot!
(If you know of an easier way of doing this, let me know in the comments!)

Ring Collector
Collected 200 or more Rings when clearing a Stage.

You can’t do this achievement on an Act Fruit. You should be able to do this on any Act as long as you play well, but an easy way to do it is waiting until you’ve got all the Chaos Emeralds and returning to Bridge Island Act 1. The Emerald Powers can help you stay near the top path, where you can collect a bunch of rings, and more importantly, be safe from most Badniks, who are usually along the middle and bottom paths, lowering your chances of getting hit. You should still play carefully, though.

Two Birds, One Stone
Used the Goal Plate to reveal the hidden Item Box.

In any Act with a Goal Plate as it’s goal (duh), simply bounce it around. If the Goal Plate hits certain parts of the ground, an item box may appear. There’s no real way of knowing where, so just experiment, and you’ll get it eventually.

Fruitful Endeavor
Turned Lagoon City’s Goal Plate into a pile of fruit.

On Lagoon City Act Amy, get 100 or more fruits before reaching the goal. Be sure to look around the alternate paths if you’re a few fruit short – and make sure you reach the threshold before going down into the ending section, as you can’t get any more after that.

Zap Scrap Star
Cleared Zap Scrap in Frozen Base without taking damage.

This achievement is referring to Frozen Base Act 2, the shoot ’em up level based on the game Fantasy Zone. Doing it without damage should give this achievement. I’m not sure if you only have to do the Boss in this Act without taking a hit, or if you need to do the entire Act hitless. If someone could experiment and let me know in the comments, that’d be wonderful.

Grinding Time! + Spoiler Achievements

Hoo boy. It’s time for some grindin’! These achievements should be the biggest issue you’ll come across when trying to go for 100% in the game. Good luck!

Medal Maestro (W.I.P.(?))
Collected 100 Medals from Bonus Stages.

This one is really, really time consuming. I’m going to assume by the achievement description that only Medals earned in the checkpoint Bonus Stages count, NOT the ones earned in Special Stages in which an Emerald has already been collected. I may need more info to clear that up, though. In terms of the Bonus Stages, you can earn 3 medals in every Stage if you don’t fail them, or, alternatively, 4 if you happen to also do them with a Perfect Bonus by collecting every Ring. Just do as many Bonus Stages as you possibly can, and stop at every Checkpoint if you have the chance to.

Heroic Blue Blur
Used Sonic’s Drop Dash to defeat 100 enemies.

The easiest place I found to do this was in Lagoon City Act 1. There’s plenty of badniks around you can Drop Dash into, sure, but the main thing is at the boss of this Act. After you hit the boss once, it’ll start spawning a bunch of enemies, maybe about 15 or so every time. As long as you never hit the boss again, it’ll keep spawning these enemies, and you can just drop dash into them. Which is not only satisfying, but also ensures you get a bunch of kills for this achievement, and you should get it in no time.

Aerial Takedown Artist
Used Tails’ aerial attack to defeat 100 enemies.

The best way to do this achievement is to wait until you have all the Chaos Emeralds, as Super Tails can fly into any and every enemy without risk of getting hurt, making this achievement a breeze.

Crimson Guardian
Used Knuckles’ glide to defeat 100 enemies.

You’ll get this eventually if you just play as Knuckles for a while. The Lagoon City Act 1 Boss strat used for Sonic works as well, although you may skid on the ground a bit.

Tenderhearted Hammer-wielder
Used Amy’s Hammer to defeat 100 enemies.

Unsure how accurate this is, but it seems that jumping into enemies with Amy’s hammer out does nothing for this achievement, you need to use her Hammer attack on the ground. There’s plenty of badniks you can destroy throughout the game to help you do this; but once again if you’re having trouble, you’re able to use the Lagoon City Act 1 Boss to get this semi-easily.

All in a Day’s Work
Defeated 1,000 enemies.

This isn’t actually as grindy as it sounds, you should be able to get this without issue if you’re already going for the other Enemy-based achievements. If you’re still missing enemies, then going once again, back to the Lagoon City Act 1 boss should get you there in no time.

Gold Enemy Hunter
Defeated the gold enemies in all Stages.

Every single Act (with the exceptions of the Act Fruit(s) and Frozen Base Act 2) has a Golden Badnik that you need to find and destroy. You can know if you’ve gotten one in an Act, as the icon of the Golden Badnik will appear on the bottom right of the little card that appears before you enter a level. As you might imagine, this means you need to explore nearly every nook and cranny of each Stage to find each one. Not only that, but you need to complete the Act after destroying it on the same life that you did so, meaning you need to complete it without dying. Otherwise, the Golden Badnik for that Act won’t be saved. This includes Egg Fortress Act 2, and it’s boss.
If you have trouble finding them, below are some Location Guides by YouTube user TurtlePM, these are very helpful!


Prickly Protector
Used Trip’s double jump to defeat 100 enemies.

Oh boy. Just what I needed. Yet another Enemy-based achievement. Thankfully, you have plenty of time to do this throughout Trip’s Story, so you should be able to do this pretty comfortably, as long as you go out of your way to do it for a few zones.


Trip’s Courage (W.I.P.)
Cleared Trip’s Story.

After clearing the main Story Mode, you’ll unlock Trip’s Story. It basically serves as a Hard Mode for the game, where you play as Trip, only the stages have a few more of the occasional hazards and enemies, and bosses have more hit points. The final fight in this Story is extremely difficult, and took me a few hours to beat. May further expand with more info on how to beat him.


Victory Fanfare (W.I.P.)
Defeated the true boss.

After clearing Trip’s Story, you’ll unlock the Final Story, housing the true final boss using Super Sonic. The fight is really strict when it comes to your rings, so try to conserve them as best you can, and never, ever use the Dash Attack. May further expand with more info on how to beat him.

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