Soulstone Survivors Prologue Guide (Fight, Maps, Characters, Upgrade, and Skill Tree)

Small guide to discover what the game has to offer.

Note: This guide was written in version 0.6.021a



Small pictures for an idea of the fights :
You must kill the creatures to advance in the game.

You get Minor Soulstones and xp crystals by killing creatures.

There are several dangers often displayed by large red circles, to be escaped urgently !!

With the xp crystals, each level, you can open 3 random cards of skills, passive or charge, rare or common etc.
To be chosen with care, good luck to you !

On each map, there are resources to recover by breaking crystals.

If you are in lack of life, there are crystals of life which will appear randomly.
And it goes on, killing, xp, leveling up, choosing cards, and going as far as possible !!!!

More screens

And very often I stop the game because I can’t see anything ! Can you see me ? Haha


There are 5 maps, 3 available. Every map has a different theme, different resources, etc.


For the moment the game offers us three characters, it is enough to discover !

Every character is different, speed, damage, health etc…

The Barbarian

The Pyromancer

The Hound Master

There are 14 characters, so 3 available. You will start with the character The Barbarian, then for the others you will have to buy them with Minor Soulstones.


There is a possibility to improve the weapons of the characters with resources obtained in different dungeon, at Blacksmith.

Skill Tree

The game offers small bonuses to buy with Minor Soulstones.

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