Soundfall: Achievement Guide 100%

How to get all the achievements for Soundfall.



Just a few things before entering this guide. First, if your goal is to achieve 100% achievements, forget it. Multiplatinum is (nearly?) impossible to get since your attacks (so hundreds of attacks per level) should be on-beat on every 140 levels on Lethal Intensity while you are never being touch by a single enemy.
If this is not your goal, enjoy the game. It’s really fun and cool. Just a keep an eye out for Everyone Does Their Part and Song of Healing achievements that could require to do some farming if you don’t start early in the game.

Fighting Achievements

Feeling the Beat
Defeat 50 Discordians with on-beat attacks
Should be one of the first trophy you get. Just kill 50 enemies with the right timing

Beat It
Defeat 100 Discordians with on-beat Audio Blade attacks
Same as the one before but this time with the sword (you’ll unlock the sword a few levels after the tutorial)

Defeat 100,000 Discordians
After finishing the story mode, I had killed 10 000 Discordians. So it’s gonna take a lot of farming for this one.

Weapons damaged

Just equip a weapon (gun or special instrument) with special damaged and kill enemies to unlock these.

Fully slow 25 Discordians with Serenade freeze

Hit Discordians 100 times with Requiem chain lightning

Deal 1000 damage-over-time with Bolero burn

Laid to Rest
Defeat 25 Discordians with Nocturne detonation

Song of Healing
Heal 2000 health using Minuet lifesteal
I would recommend to use one of the special instrument (axe, bow…) for this one. It’ll be faster, a lot. Since guns will get you 2 or 3 points at a time. FIY: it doesn’t count if your health is at max.

Special Move

Theses achievements require to unlock every character of the game and their special instrument (automatically through the story mode). Most of them can be done during the stage where you acquired their instrument. If not, stage 1.10 is a good place to do it (just wait until there is 5 or 10 enemies at the same time on screen)

Defeat 10 Discordians simultaneously with Jaxon’s Stage Dive

Circle Pit
Hit 10 Discordians simultaneously with Brite’s Area Shield shockwave

Battle Record
Hit 5 Discordians simultaneously with Ky’s Scythe Toss

Precision Alignment
Defeat 5 Discordians with a single on-beat Audio Bow attack
Took me a minute to figure this one out. You have to equip a Bow with Requiem or Nocturne damages (found in chests or buy at the shop). Once you have it, just wait until you have 5 enemies on screen near each other and kill one of them. The 4 other will be killed automatically. You don’t have to use the special attack, just press X

Mission Achievements

Band Together
Complete 10 missions with 2 or more players
You can combine this one with Mixtape achievement (works in local mode).

Complete 10 songs using the Free Play menu

Maxed Out
Reach Level 50

Everyone Does Their Part
Complete 25 missions with each hero
There is 140 missions in story mode. So if you play your cards right, you’ll unlock this without replaying any missions (you can see your progression once you unlock all 5 characters)

World Tour
Complete 20 missions in each environment
Don’t worry about this one until you finish the story mode. If you didn’t replay any mission, you’ll have to redo 6/7 missions per world.

Complete all missions on Dangerous Intensity or higher
You need to reach level 25 to unlock Dangerous Intensity. This means you’ll have to redo several entire worlds.

Complete 5 missions on Extreme Intensity or higher
You need to reach level 30 to unlock Extreme Intensity (finished Story Mode Level 31)

Complete 5 missions on Lethal Intensity
You need to reach level 35 to unlock Lethal Intensity

Second Encore
Complete all missions on Extreme Intensity or higher

Final Encore
Complete all missions on Lethal Intensity

Complete all missions with a Platinum ranking on Lethal Intensity
Is this even possible ? Platinum ranking means never skip an on-beat attack at all on every levels.


Break down an equipment item into gold

Record Store
Use gold to buy an item from the in-game store

Treasure Hunter
Open 100 treasure chests
You could unlock this trophy just with the chest at the end of the mission since there are 140 missions. But feel free to explore, there are 2/3 additional chests in every level.

Gone Gold
Gear up a hero with Legendary items in all equipment slots
Legendary items drop only in Extreme Intensity or Lethal Intensity.

Story Related

Landed in Symphonia
Landed in Symphonia and completed the Tutorial

The Sword in the Tone
Obtained the Audio Blade

Serenade Skylands
Complete all missions in the Skylands

Surfbum Thrasher
Recruit Jaxon for the team

Brass Beach

Complete all missions in the Beach

Classical Prodigy
Grow the team with Lydia

Minuet Forest
Complete all missions in the Forest

Pixel Punk
Bring Brite on to the team

Bolero Hotlands
Complete all missions in the Volcano

Rhythm And Rhyme Reaper
Complete the team wth Ky

Nocturne City
Complete all missions in the Cityscape

Battle of the Bands
Faced Banshee at Harmonia

Requiem Depths
Complete all missions in the Depths

Resonant Dunes
Complete all missions in the Desert

Sylent Crypts
Complete all missions in the Crypts

Jammin’ Jungle
Complete all missions in the Jungle

Aria Peaks
Complete all missions in the Peaks

Guardians of Harmony
Finish the game

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