Space Pirates and Zombies 2: 100% Achievement Guide

Quick and easy guide to getting all achievements in Space Pirates and Zombies 2.



SPAZ 2 has, in total, 42 achievements. While only 7 achievements are based around the campaign, all can be completed within a single campaign or multiple campaigns/scenarios.

As there is no achievement requiring a specific difficulty, all achievements can be unlocked on the lowest difficulty setting.


If you play through the entirety of the campaign, you will complete all the following achievements as they are unmissable.

Basic Training
Systems checks complete!

  • Complete the tutorial.

Level 13
The bane of Carl’s existence.

  • Reach level 13.

The following are all achievements obtained via campaign missions.

An Old Friend
Meet someone from your past and blow up their stuff

Raid Buster
Blow up some defenseless strike craft.

Live Fire Exercise
Don’t worry, it was just a bandit.

Go There, Do That!
Learn how to command strike craft

Sticky Mess
Investigate the zombie signal

NOTE: Make sure to complete the following achievements before completing the campaign…

  • Double Tap
  • Eradicator
  • This is my BOOMSTICK
  • Savior

Clear the galaxy of infection

  • You will achieve this along with The End at the end of the campaign.

The End
Complete the story.


All of the following achievements are completed in a combat scenario.

NOTE: While all of these achievements are achieved via combat, some may not unlock until after combat. I also found that sometimes you have to beat more than the required amount before the achievement unlocks. For example, I completed 17 Champion level arenas before unlocking Elite.

Matricide / Megacide
You destroyed 10 / 100 motherships.

  • Pretty self explanatory, just go blow up a bunch of ships. These can be human or zombie ships.

Double Tap / Eradicator / This is my BOOMSTICK
You defeated 1 / 5 / 15 zombie captains.

  • This can be done in tandem with Megacide, but just go find zombie captains (they’re the purple ones with tentacles) and blow them up.

Gate Crasher / No Retreat / You’re stuck in here with me
You destroyed 1 / 3 / 10 Fail Gates.

  • Fail Gates are the gateway that motherships will use to escape, you can destroy these by manually shooting them (Battle Wagon mode won’t automatically fire at fail gates). They are found within combat scenarios, except Arenas.

Fail Gates look like this…

Big / Bada / Boom
You destroyed a / 3 / 10 starbases.

  • Starbases are any occupied station. You can destroy zombie starbases while fighting zombie captains in the campaign to complete this line of achievements… or you could just declare war on everyone and destroy their bases.

Lil Helper / Good Neighbor / Hero
You joined 1 / 5 / 15 battles.

  • During the course of SPAZ 2, you’ll see lots of battles break out around you between captains, bandits and zombies. Join 15 of these battles on someone’s side and you will earn these achievements.

Dangerous / Deadly / Elite
You beat 1 / 5 / 15 champion level arenas.

  • By far the most “difficult” achievement in SPAZ 2. You need to go around to different starbases and beat all 5 levels of their individual arenas. This means in order to complete Elite, you will need to complete 75 Arena battles.
  • If you are struggling to complete Champion arenas, try leveling as your levels are carried into the arena with you and can make a huge difference. I found it easiest to beat Champion arenas around level 25, at which point, you gain XP and start to become stronger from beating arenas. Additionally, each arena has ship themes, if you are struggling with an arena, try to avoid doing arenas with that specific ship theme.

Bandit Buster
You killed a bandit Chief.

  • Bandit Chiefs are the bandit ships with a lot of spikes on them. Also, if you hover over them, their names will literally be “Bandit Chief”.

They look like this…

Hive Stomper
You destroyed a tier 3 bandit hive.

  • Destroy a level 3 bandit hive. You can see the level of a bandit hive by hovering over it or clicking on it. Level 3 bandit hives usually hover around a threat of 50+.

You defeated a faction leader in battle.

  • Faction leaders can be found by going to the Faction Info screen. Click on the leader, move to and destroy them.
  • Beware, most faction leaders will have their comrades join them in combat, bring a wingman with you so it’s a fair fight.

This is the button to access faction info…

Glove Slap
You won a bounty duel vs. another captain.

  • In order to complete this achievement, you must first have a bounty on you. This will usually happen once you’re strong enough.
  • Once you have a bounty, click on yourself and view the bounty holder. Move to and challenge them to a bounty duel (simply killing them will not work). Take caution that you can actually beat your opponent as this duel must be done 1-on-1 and cannot be assisted by wingmen.

This is what having a bounty looks like…


All of these achievements are done while not in combat, as in, you’re just cruising around the map in exploration mode.

You found all the lore.

  • Lore are the little blue books scattered around the map. While completing this achievement, you can also complete I Was Here as you’ll mostly be flying around the map searching for lore nodes.

Lore nodes look like this…

I Was Here
You have explored all the territories.

  • Literally just fly around the whole map and enter every territory, this achievement will unlock once there is no more fog of war.

Off with their heads!
You executed a captain stuck in their escape pod.

  • Destroy a ship or just fly around and you’ll find an escape pod with the captain inside it. Execute the captain and you’ll unlock this achievement. I would strongly recommend you save and then reload when doing this achievement as this is not a popular move among the people.

Escape pods look like this…

Brain Surgery
You did a little tinkering with a podded captain’s mind.

  • This is the same as Off with their heads! but you must have a poor relationship with the podded captain and you must select “Lobotomize” instead of execute. I would recommend saving and reloading here as well, as this is essentially a war crime.

You cured a zombie captain using a ton of Rez.

  • This is essentially the same as Off with their heads! and Brain Surgery except you need to find a zombie “pod” and cure them. This will cost you anywhere from 1000 to 3000 rez.

Zombie pods look like this…

Converted an unneeded part into scrap in the inventory screen.

  • Open up your inventory and transfer any unneeded part (can’t be junk) and then press “Chip Parts for Resources”.

This is the button to access your inventory…

Shop S-Mart
You have custom ordered a part from the catalog.

  • Open up the part catalog and search for anything, at the top right will be a custom part you can order.

This is the button to access the catalog…

You stole a faction member from another faction.

  • Find a faction member (not a leader) that isn’t yours and recruit them.

You demanded the surrender of another captain for fun and profit.

  • Find another captain who is weaker than you and demand they surrender their stuff. Jerk.

Friends With Benefits
You started an alliance with another faction.

  • Befriend another faction leader and the option to form an alliance will appear in their dialogue options.

You paid off your own bounty.

  • Once you have a bounty, which will occur naturally, click on yourself and find the captain who placed it, there will be an option to pay off your bounty. You can do this anywhere on the map, you do not need to move to them.

This is what having a bounty looks like…

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