Space Rangers HD A War Apart: Planetary Text Quest (Drawing competition)

This walkthrough describes step by step mission received on planet Oto-rara (Minnaver system) and realised on Orohogen (Hever system).


Steps to solve the quest:

1. Follow the peleng.
2. Choose as first “I don’t have any more questions” if you are not interested with story or as last in other case.
3. Buy S. Lem Stories and Embroidery Manual
4. Go to the gravicar
5. Choose: Next
6. Read “World Art History”
7. Click: But the book aside
8. Read Embroidery Manual
9. Click: But the book aside
10. Read S. Lem Stories
11. Click: But the book aside
12. Sleep
13. Take the common paints.
“Fantasy Animal”
14. Impressionism
15. Draw a sketch
16. Let’s start using the paints!
17. Paint the background
18. Paint quickly, but accurately
19. Paint outerspace
20. Continue working
21. Paint the body
22. Paint quickly, but accurately
23. Paint the body of a dragon.
24. Continue working
25. Paint an animal’s head
26. Paint regularly
27. Paint a teakettle instead of a head
28. Continue working
29. Paint the animal’s limbs
30. Paint regularly
31. Paint serpentine hands and legs
32. Continue working
33. Hand in your work
34. Wait for the first judge’s score
35. Wait for the second judge’s score
36. Wait for the third judge’s score
37. result of the first round (around 23 points)
38. Go to your room
39. Sleep
40. Take the common paints.
41. Cubism
42. Draw a sketch
43. Now it’s time to apply the paint
44. Next
45. Paint the background
46. Paint quickly, but accurately
47. Paint outerspace
48. Continue working
49. Paint a main deck
50. Paint quickly, but accurately
51. Paint the main part to look like an ancient stealth aircraft
52. Continue working
53. Paint a flight deck
54. Paint regularly
55. Continue working
56. Paint the Klissan flight deck you’ve seen in the Gaaldock Museum
57. Paint wings, guns, and other parts
58. Paint with precision, taking your time
59. Paint wings thar resemble those of the Faeyan Rander Corps and add some other cool features
60. Continue working
61. Hand in your work
62. Wait for the first judge’s score
63. Wait for the second judge’s score
64. Wait for the third judge’s score
65. result of the second round (around 44 points)
66. Next
67. Watch nothing and go to sleep
68. Do nothing and proceed to the competition
69. Take the common paints.
“Imaginative portait”
70. Realism
71. Draw a sketch with a pencil
72. Now it’s time to apply the paint
73. Paint facial contures, ears, hair, and so on
74. Paint regularly
75. Paint a bowler hat and a toothbrush moustache
76. Continue working
77. Paint eyes
78. Paint regularly
79. Paint ordinary human eyes
80. Continue working
81. Paint a nose
82. Paint regularly
83. Paint ordinary human nose
84. Continue working
85. Paint a mouth
86. Paint with precision
87. Portray beautifully-shaped lips
88. Continue working
89. Hand in your work
90. Wait for the first judge’s score
91. Wait for the second judge’s score
92. Wait for the third judge’s score
93. result of the third round (around 68 points)
94. Next
It is not the best result but…
95. Mission accomplished.

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