Spectraball: Easy 100% Achievement Guide

Completionist achievements.
Completing every level in the main game will unlock the following achievements:


There are two helpful strategies

Getting rid of balls:

By rocking the platform side to side and jumping over the approaching balls, one can knock off a number of balls on each pass.

Building a pyramid:

By first circling the chain, develop a layer of balls. Hop on top near the center and do your best to circle the chain as more and more balls pile on.

Laser Surgeon

As soon as the round starts, move to the far side as shown below.

Face the laser wall and watch it to monitor the approaching laser. Each jump at the side of the room will effectively count as two laser jumps

Closer to the end of the round you will need to use the brake to stop yourself on the way down and avoid the incoming laser.

Epic (Free Bird) Crater

We’re you actually popping blood vessels trying to hold ‘wasd’ harder.

Don’t worry, Screw this mini-game.

Start the round and bounce off the crate. As you pass the level of the new crate pause.

Consider quitting now and think.:

“If only someone showed me how to do this I would leave a reaction to their guide

Press “Restart from checkpoint”
fall for 2 seconds

Press “Restart from checkpoint” again.
Realize the timer went up.
Do this until you get the achievement.

Give me a like on this guide.
PST…. you will also get the free bird achievement while you’re at it.

Speed Demon

Simply hit three boosts in a row.

This can easily be achieved on the Desert level.

The Impossible

You must complete every level except training in order without dying or using checkpoints.

Note: One can restart unlimited number of times without sacrificing previously completed levels.

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