Speed Dating for Ghosts: All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Ghost Achievement Guide

A guide on how to get Speed Dating For Ghosts achievement “All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Ghost”.


Room Of Palms
Riley *Round One*

:Slow down there, buddy.
:You’re not even gonna ask my name?
:Are you really this obnoxious?
:I just don’t like jocks.
:So you’re a SAD jock?
:A jock?
:So what are you?

Vera *Round One*

:Nice to meet you.
:Ghost hunters?
:That’s pretty cool.
:So you’re famous?
:What’s different about it?
:I think you look nice.
:I’ll try, ma’am.

Steph *Round One*

:You could say that…
:You look like one big booger.
:Just joking!
:It shows.
:I feel so awkward.
:It’s hard not to judge.
:Do I make a good first impression?
:Tell me about playing clarinet.
:What happens if you don’t?
:Spit is gross.
:Can dead people play the clarinet?
:Because you can’t breathe.
:That’s different.
:Because you’re dead.
:I don’t understand.

˜”*°•.˜”*°• Round Two •°*”˜.•°*”˜

Riley *Round Two*

:Always talking sports, huh?
:You seem angry, Riley!
:You think I’m a bummer?
:What if I said yes?

Vera *Round Two*

:Yes ma’am.
:Sorry, lady.
:But you have earned it.
:Fine, but what now?
:We should just sit here quietly.
:I’m fine, thanks.

Steph *Round Two*

Steph does not appear here, any choice you end up making will not matter.

Room Of Lyres
Kyo *round one*

-I’m not THAT scary.
-What good would that do?
-It’s not so bad.
-You get used to it.
-What’s wrong with being a ghost?

Spooky Peter *round one*

:I do okay.
:I’m not scared of you.
-I thought the plague was earlier.
:Are you the devil?
:I’m not like that.
:You’re a weird dude.
:I wouldn’t be.
:I don’t like you.

Leon *round one*

:Excuse me?
:I understand what money is.
:This is a singles’ mixer.
:I’m not interested.
:Stop that.
:You’re making me mad.
:Then scram.
:Not interested

˜”*°•.˜”*°• Round Two •°*”˜.•°*”˜

Kyo *round 2*

:Spooky Peter has been around.
:He said he’s been in books.
:He made an impression on me.
:Your speed dates are going well then.
:How did you die?
:How did you drown?
:What did you do?
:How did you get out?
:I just need positivity right now.

Leon does not appear here, any choice you make will not matter.

Room Of Black
Drea *round one*

:I’d rather be alive.
:Nice to meet you, Drea.
:You’re not very nice.
:It’s called being polite.

Hattie *round one*

:The home?
:Few nursing homes are…
:You could haunt anywhere, though.
:Why bother?
:Everyone dies.
:Is everything okay?
:I feel the same way.

Gary *round one*

:(Stare back.)
:(Narrow your eyes.)
:Please, no more!

˜”*°•.˜”*°• Round Two •°*”˜.•°*”˜

Drea *round two*

:Excuse me?
:Sometimes a snooze is good.
:I wish I was in the ground.
:You never told me how you died.

Hattie *round two*
:Not really…
:Wait, you like true crime?
:Truman Capote.
:The Corpse Had a Familiar Face.
:I was just testing you.
:I just don’t think we’re working.

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