Spelunky 2: How to Unlock Olmec

This walkthrough is for those who wish to unlock Olmec, and have a permanent un-agro from him


How to Unlock Olmec

Step 1: getting to 2-1
Spelunky 2 is a hard yet fun game. with many levels comes many secrets. I have not found any videos on how to get Olmec, So I must be the first. First you want to get to 1-4 and attempt to make Quillback roll away to (if you are a new to the game right side, if wanting to see other side make him roll left). Now all that’s left is to go to the exit.

Step 1.5. you might want the Udjat eye
The Udjat eye is an item in Spelunky 2 that allows you to see gems in the ground. It spawns on 1-2 or 1-3, to get it go to a wood structure with a door then go into it with a golden key you find around the map (you might need to bomb and or rope). then same thing for step one, saving dog, cat, or hamster is Advised but not necessary.

Step 2. survive Volcana/Jungle
Volcana and jungle are two different routes that have different perks. I will assume you went Volcana.
You want to avoid falling in lava it is an instant game-over. those lady bugs looking things periodically stop and shoot out fire avoid them if possible because they do two damage. next is magma men, they jump out of the lava pools, they do not actively chase you and cannot be killed, all you have to do is wait and they will disappear. Avoid rock dogs, a mount that shoots fire balls that do two damage and if you get stuck with them, that’s bad luck. Additional info: if you got the Udjat eye on 2-2 or 2-3 or even 2-4 you will see a drill like thing, go over to the socket that is in the shape of said Udjat eye and insert it. Beware of magma men, Kali alters, and shops when using the drill.

Step 3. Get Vlad’s cape
On 2-1 you will find a door with a lock, use a key you find to open. Inside, you will find an old man who gives you a diamond. at Vlad’s castle he will shot Vlad and you can get Vlad’s cape and a crown.
then just leave.

Step 4. Get eggplant run
To get get an eggplant you need to sacrifice a present on the Kali alter. that is the 4th step.

Step 5. Get to Olmec
after surviving Volcana and keeping the eggplant safe. Then when seeing Olmec, Through the eggplant at Olmec, and he immediately spits out a free Ankh, and a Coffin, containing him as a playable character.

Step 6. Playing as Olmec
Instead of a whip, Olmec shoots out bombs. He starts with 10 health opposed to the 4. And he can hover like a hover-pack. The ropes aren’t changed, but he takes extra damage from arrow traps and Undead enemies. And you only have a chance to get him, the way you play as him, is that you hit the random character button to play as him, but it is a low low low chance. he cannot be used in multi player

By Juliodabean

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