Spiritfarer® Farewell Edition: All Locations (The Crow’s End Inc. lost bounty Quest)

Maps and map coords for the quests The Crow’s End Inc. lost bounty


Crow’s End Inc. lost bounty quest

Sick and tired of finding this bloody spots basing on the crappy paintings and matching with the actual map?

Well, not anymore!

Looter’s Literary Review (Find the Crow’s End Inc. lost bounty) is a quest found after Buck unlock the XP Potions event.

It recurs once every 2 in-game days, up to a total of 6 times.
It is delivered to your mailbox. Once the letter is opened a map is added that can be viewed in the archive room.
The bounties cannot be retrieved unless one has the relevant map.

Here are all locations` coordinates:

Coordinates 1:
-71, 180

Coordinates 2:
199, 167

Coordinates 3:
52, 51

Coordinates 4:
223, -19

Coordinates 5:
119, -87

Coordinates 6:
-120, 12

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