Springblades: Achievement Guide

There are no missable achievements. Achievements in this guide that I haven’t expanded upon are self-explanatory. Let me know if I got anything wrong or if I need to add anything.


Relax at the windmill.

The windmill is in the southeast of the map, near the monastery. Go one left of the inn and go down all the way.

From your toes!
Win a battle while exhausted.

  1. Equip the spiky hat (dropped by hedgehog between spring castle and inn) or the martyr badge (4 BP, available from the inn shop)
  2. Get into a battle and drop the HP of either the last enemy or all enemies to 1 (2 HP if you’re using the badge)
  3. Exhaust yourself by using nap or any other non-damaging move
  4. If wearing the hat, let the enemy(s) hit you so they die
Real power!
Deal 10 damage with a single action.

Should be easy to get before you complete the game. Just put on your strongest stuff.

Big spender
Spend 100 coins in a single trade session.

Block 50 attacks.

Press the action button (keyboard ‘E’) right before an enemy hits you to block.

Win 100 battles.

That was a hot battle!
Defeat the sphinx.

You will inevitably face the sphinx before you beat the game.

What a thrill!
Win a battle with only 1 health remaining.

King of trolls
Defeat the troll king.

The troll king is in trolltown, the last location in the game. Go all the way to the top of the mountain past the northern gate.

Travel to all special locations.

Travel to every spot on the map that isn’t an event node.

List of locations:

  • spring castle
  • magic farm
  • shore
  • eastern rune
  • monastery
  • windmill
  • crossing
  • tundra village
  • central rune
  • burned village
  • volcano
  • western gate
  • mountain top
  • western exit
  • swamp cabin
  • old ruins
  • elf city
  • old oak
  • oasis
  • southern rune
  • gnome village
  • hermit hut
  • western rune
  • wood elf realm
  • corrupted town
  • northern rune
  • tower of shadows
  • cavern
  • forgotten realm
  • northern gate
  • trolltown
The colour is different?
Find the snow moose.

The snow moose is a rare spawn that spawns in the 2 nodes between tundra village and crossing. Might be a small grind to find it.

Still alive!
Dodge an attack that would have killed you.

Dodging is available when you put on the dodger badge, available from the inn shop.

Dodge 50 attacks.

Dodging is available when you put on the dodger badge, available from the inn shop.

Hot tempered
Play 8 attacks in a single round.

Equip a skill that has low cost and equip items that will give you a lot of energy so that the cost of that skill multiplied by 8 is less than or equal to your energy. Get into a battle and use the skill successfully 8 times in one turn.

A Yeti?
Find the Yeti.

The Yeti is a rare spawn found in the tall mountains nodes. There are 3 of them south of corrupted town.

Golden ruler
Obtain the golden crown.

Dropped by the frog prince, which is a rare spawn in the node called gnome forest, which is to the left of the gnome village. I’m not sure what the drop chance is, so I duplicated a looter badge twice to make sure I got the drop.

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