Stacklands: 100% Achievement Guide

A list of all Stacklands achievements and how to get them.


Peaceful Mode
Some achievements are impossible to get in Peaceful Mode. To make the game easier, you can choose longer moon phases.

Pick a Berry Bush
Can’t really miss this one. Stack a Villager on a Berry Bush. Berry Bushes can be found in the Humble Beginnings and Seeking Wisdom packs.

Sell a Card

You can use [Backspace] to sell cards or drag them over the icon.

My Crib
Build a House

To build a House stack 2x Woods, 1x Stone, 1x Villager

Good Company
Get a Second Villager

If you have only one Villager, you can find another one by opening Humble Beginnings packs. Make sure you have enough food.

Create Offspring
Stack 2x Villagers on 1x House. The type of villager doesn’t make a difference, but it doesn’t work if multiple houses are stacked on each other.

Unlock all Packs

You can unlock packs by completing quests. You won’t need to complete all of them.

Goblet Cave
Find a mysterious artifact

As soon as you get the Mountain card through Explorers packs, you can stack a villager on it to eventually gain a Catacombs card. Alternatively, you can get a Graveyard card by stacking 2x Corpse onto each other.

Stacking a villager on the Catacombs card eventually gives you a Golden Goblet card.

The End?
Kill the Final Boss

Stacking the Golden Goblet card on the Temple card summons a Demon card. You can build the Temple card by stacking 5x Plank, 5x Brick, 3x Iron Bar, 3x Villager.

To make sure to easily kill the Demon, attack with 5x Swordsman at the same time. You can stack them before dragging them to the Demon.

Oh shoot, a rat!
Kill a Rat

Rat cards can be found by exploring the Plains, opening certain packs, or after a portal appeared.

Kill a Skeleton

Skeletons can be found in the Graveyard, the Catacombs and Explorers packs.

Hearty Meal
Cook a Frittata

Simply combine 1x Potato, 1x Egg, 1x Campfire to create a Frittata. Eggs and potatoes can be found in Curious Cuisine packs. To create a Campfire, combine 1x Stick and 1x Flint.

Best Friend
Get a Dog

Drag a Bone card to a Wolf card. Bone cards drop from enemies and the Graveyard. Wolf cards can be found in the Forest.

Buy something from a Travelling Cart

The Travelling Cart appears at the start of a moon phase and disappears again at the end. You can drag 5x Coin on it to buy something.

Have 50 Coins

This probably happens automatically.

Reach Moon 24

Play one run long enough, and you will get this automatically. You can make the time go by faster on the top right of the screen.

Sell a Card at the Market

Drag a card on the Market to sell it there.
To build the Market stack 1x Brick, 1x Plank, 3x Coin, 1x Villager.

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