Star Apprentice: Magical Murder Mystery – Walkthrough & Guide

A complete Walkthrough of the game. Includes potential light spoilers.


General and Beginning

Remember that you can adjust the amount of lifes you have in the Options! Also there are checkpoints during the bullet hell sections, so you don’t have to be too worried about having to redo everything if you mess up.


The first bit is through conversation and bullethell only.

Contradiction: “Therefore, all fingers are thumbs”
Conclusion: “No, only some fingers are thumbs”

Contradiction: “But there’s nothing odd about showing up early this year”

This is the first time you gain control of Minnie proper. Leave the room.
After encountering the Cat Lady go into the car on the left.
Past the Fan interact with the fish leftovers. Follow the trail of bones into the next car to the left.
Move to the end of the car. After obtaining the cat head right until you are in the original Passenger Car and head to Room 13.
After returning the cat to the Cat Lady return to your own room, Room 12.

Investigation Passengers

Interact with the briefcase on the bed, the bottle on the floor and the Detective’s body.
On the Detective’s body check the bloodstains underneath him, his face, the wound on his back and his back pocket.
Now leave the room and talk to the Cat Lady in Room 13 to get inside.
Pet the cat!
Now talk to the Cat Lady, which will trigger an interrogation.

Testimony Cat Lady:
Contradiction 1: “I never went into his cabin”
Contradiction 2: “He wasn’t supposed to be here. I stopped because I was surprised”
Contradiction 3: “But really, I don’t know him that well”
Contradiction 4: “Wait, he was stabbed from the front? But that’s impossible!”
Conclusion: “She was the Detective’s informant”

Exit the room and head over into the car to the right.
Interact with Room 14 to get a companion.
Now move to the left again until you are in the Dining Car.

Investigation Twins

Walk up to the people dressed in black and white. After the little chat with them investigate the tables with food and drink on them and the knife rack on the wall to the right next to them. Talk to the twins again.
Enter Room 11 and interact with the nightstand, the window, the trash bin and the drawers on the desk.
Leave the room and after chatting to Lily head back into the Dining Car to talk to Iris.
Afterwards go back into the car to the left to talk to Charlotte.
Then go back to have tea with the twins.

Testimony Twins:
Contradiction 1: “It wasn’t my dagger that killed your friend”
Contradiction 2: “Yes, we were in the dining car the whole time”
Contradiction 3: “That’s outside my job description”
Contradiction 4: “We won’t let you incriminate Ms. Windsor!”
Conclusion: “The twins are covering up for the killer”

Investigation Ms. Windsor

Head to the left into the Lounge.
Investigate the bar, the trash bin, the book cabinet, the pool table and the busted up trash bin. Now talk to Victoria.

Testimony Ms. Windsor:
Contradiction 1: “Jeeves is only meant for simple administrative tasks”
Contradiction 2: “I didn’t order them. They know from experience I like privacy”
Contradiction 3: “I would need to know you and the victim, which I don’t.”
Contradiction 4: “Besides, I have no motive against the detective”
Conclusion: “Victoria planned the Detective’s murder”


Talk to each character. I went with the order of Roxie, Lily, Iris and lastly Victoria.
Now talk to Charlotte.

Final Investigation:
Contradiction 1: “The twins were the only ones who had an opportunity”
Contradiction 2: “Missing knife? I don’t know what you’re talking about!”
Contradiction 3: “I-I don’t know…”

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