STAR WARS Battlefront II: How to Kill Heroes Within Seconds

This is a guide for the most broken and unknown vehicle in the game


74-Z Speeder Bike

First of all, this vehicle can only be played on Endor and that is the only bad thing about it.


This Speeder has the best weapon among all the vehicles because it has 60 explosive damage, which means that the lightsaber heroes can’t block your bullets and you don’t need to aim directly at them, just shoot decently close to your target and they will take all the damage.


  • Motion Scan

This ability detects and highlights enemy troops and heroes near you, so using this skill before chasing a hero is very important to avoid losing the hero you are chasing, because lightsaber heroes often jump and move out of your field of vision when trying to escape from you, since the vehicle turns slowly, you may lose the hero you are chasing.

  • Laser Barrage

This ability allows your weapon to shoot much faster, but while doing so it reduces explosive damage, which we don’t want so this skill is unnecessary, I wouldn’t recommend using it.

  • Heat Sink

This ability allows your weapon to shoot longer without heating up and this is the most important ability we have so use it right before attacking a hero.

Star Cards

Star cards are really important in this class because cards are so powerful and changes the gameplay a lot (i recommend you guys level up with this class to make this class cards max level because without max level cards this class might not be that fun to play)(at the end of the guide i showed how to level up with this class )

And i really recommend you guys to use the cards that i use because this is the most powerful loadout for killing heroes.

  • Cooling Systems

  • Speeder Offensive Upgrade

  • Speeder Defensive Upgrade

  • Speeder System Upgrade

This card is not really good for this speeder but it is really good with T-47 Airspeeder (Hoth) if you wanna play speeder in Hoth you can use this card instead of Speeder System Upgrade card

My Advices

  • While you are attacking never attack in front of your target always get out of the sight of your enemy or go out map zone and try attacking behind them or most of the time you’ll end up killed by a trooper.
  • Don’t care about dying while chasing a hero because this vehicle is so cheap you can respawn easily and chase the hero again.
  • İt’s so easy to earn battle points with speeder.(when i play on endor i usually have 10-20k battle points on the last phase)
  • Most of the people hate this vehicle because of how hard to control this vehicle but you’ll get used to it in a short time it’s not that hard.

How To Level Up With This Class

Play > Coop > Galactic Empire > Endor

I recommend to play coop on wednesday(triple xp event) and weekends(double xp event) for leveling up because it’s easy to kill bots then killing real players.

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