Stay Out of the House: Walkthrough with All Chapters Guide

Official SOOTH professional teaches you how to escape the Butcher’s wacky fun house.



Are you stuck on what to do? Are you stumped on a certain part of the Butcher’s Wild Ride? Look no furthur! Your savior is here!

This guide has the walkthrough in all chapters in the game, with images.
and how to find out the padlock codes yourself in case you think it’s cheating.


The prologue is very straight forward but it wouldn’t be a guide without it so here we go.

After getting out of the car to look for your boyfriend, go through the bathrooms and out the back. Head along the path and eventually you’ll come across some buildings and a dog.

Turn right, continue down the long path, and enter the cornfield. By the red truck is the entrance.

Just go right, left, right, left and you should end up at the house.

Uh oh, it looks like your new friend (the dog) is stuck! (bear trap).
Ignore the games name and go inside the house to help him. He’s in the basement.

The House

The part you’ve been waiting for!

After waking up in your cage, look at the top right of the cage behind you, and use the hole to peel the cage back, letting you escape. Grab the lighter from the drawer beside you and venture into the house.

Keep in mind to search all the drawers and cabinets you come across, as you can find bullets, paperclips, and save tapes.

Enter the bedroom with the skinned corpse rug on the opposite side of the hallway, and you’ll find a locked toolchest with a screwdriver.

The note to figure out the padlock code is in the room behind it in the drawers, but if you just want the code it’s

In the other bedroom across the same hallway, is a vent. Use the screwdriver to open up the cover and go inside.

Turn left and you’ll come across the kitchen, with the Butcher cutting up meat. You have 2 options, drop down in the bedroom or the main hallway.

Now that the game has really started, it’s time to find everything we need to escape.
Step 1: Find the hammer

The hammer has 3 possible spawn locations. The first, and the best one, is inside the bedroom beside the living room. You can drop down into it from the vents. It will be inside the drawer.

(It wasn’t there for me)
The 2nd location is in the drawers beside the front door.

The 3rd and final location, is the upstairs bedroom, at the end of the hall beside the chandelier.

(There are alot of bedrooms in this house.)

It was here for me.

Step 2: Get the drain cleaner

This step comes along with some extra goodies.
Now that you have the hammer, go to the hallway you started in. You’ll see a boarded up door. Take the nails off with the hammer and enter. Inside is a revolver, and a dead body.
In the closet is a boarded up hatch,take the boards off and enter.
Crawl through and you’ll come out in the storage room. In that room is a orange door that leads to the upstairs hallway for easy access, so it’s a good idea to unlock it for later.

But we’re interested in the other bedroom so head in there. In that room are some helpful items, but in the drawer is our main focus- the drain cleaner.

Step 3: Get the Hex key

Unlock the door and exit out to the upstairs hallway. The cutscene here with the blurred vision is normal, so don’t mind it. Turn right and go into the bathroom directly beside the drain cleaner room.
You can see an item in the sink, but it is stuck.
Pour the drain cleaner in the sink, which will dislodge the item and bring it down to the basement.
Head down into the basement and in the black puddle on the left is the Hex key. You can use this item to lockpick using paperclips.

Step 4: Cut the power

Sneak into the downstairs bathroom near the stairs and pick the lock on the cabinet. Inside is the rubbing alcohol. Take it and bring it to the kitchen, pour it on the rope and use the lighter to ignite it.
Inside are the cutting pliers. In the basement there is a power box, use the screwdriver to open it and cut the wire inside. Now, the fan in the vents that you may have seen earlier is turned off, and we can enter the second area of the house.

Step 5: Unlock the attic

Go upstairs to the bedroom we found the first vent in, go inside and turn right. You’ll see a fan that we can pass through now that the power is turned off. Keep going through and you’ll see the Butcher cutting apart your boyfriend. Just keep on, he didn’t care about you anyways. Drop down. At the far end of this hallway is a room with a backpack in a locked cabinet, with the backpack you can hold up to 8 items so I would recommnend grabbing it. There is a room in that hallway with a meat scale, we will need to find several body parts to break the scale and collect the gear. I may be wrong, but the locations of the body parts tend to change sometimes. Some are in the kitchen, some in the van inside the garage, (use the hammer to break the window and unlock the door, but be careful because he will hear you) others are in the drawers and cabinets of the 2nd area of the house. You need around 7 or 8 in total and they are very easy to find, just look for them. Sorry for not being able to provide a stable source. But once you get all of them and break the scale, a gear will drop behind it.

Take it and place it in the back of the clock in the next room. Interact with the clock and hold D until it goes off and a passage will open behind it.

Enter it and go up the stairs. Make sure you have the wooden plank from the back of the van with you.

Step 6: Unlocking the outside

Unlock the door and you’ll be in the attic.

To the left leads to the 2nd day spawn room, with all the TV’s. You can enter the 2nd floor from there.

To the right are some lootable rooms and a barbed wire pit. Place the plank on there and walk across.

Turn right and you’ll come across a room with tons of human remains, a shed key, and a vent.

Go into the vent and you’ll enter THE BACKYARD!!!

Now, the whole map is open. Once again, you have 2 options from here- leave out the front door, or enter the bunker to start the 4th and final chapter. For now, we’ll just cover the front door.

Ending 1: Leave out the front door

Step 7: Collect the batteries

For this ending, the front door key is hidden in a can.

There are 3 batteries around the house we need to grab in order to power up the can opener.

1st Battery-

Remember the room we found the drain cleaner in? The battery is in that room, in a radio atop the drawers.

2nd Battery-

In the dining room above the table, is some sort of device that I honestly can’t remember what it does or is but there’s a battery in it sooo

The 3rd and final battery-

In the shed was some duct tape, grab it.

Head up to the attic and to the barbed wire pit. Instead, turn right and go into the room with the ceiling fan.(with a battery on it!) Near the door is a broken wire.

Use the tape to repair the wire and turn on the ceiling fan, dropping the battery to the ground.

Go into the kitchen,

and put all 3 batteries in the can opener. Grab the can above it and open it. Wait a bit, and the front door key will drop to the floor. Now strut out the front door in a gay fashion to piss off the Butcher, you’re free!

Into The Bunker

Now, if you want to head deeper into the house and reach the bunker, follow these steps:

Step 7: You can ignore the shed and the duct tape for this path. Instead, go to the well behind the shed and turn the winch to get the pressure valve.

Step 8: Use the pressure valve in the basement and turn it all the way. The hot steam from the vent is now turned off. Go through it and you’ll drop down into a room with a fuse box.
As you’ll see, all of these fuses are broken. Take them all out and put the correct ones from the drawer in. You need-
30v fuse,
After putting these in, the power to the bunker will turn on. Leave the room and head to the yellow lead door, the code to enter is 9751.

The Bunker(?)

Personally, I don’t recommend looking at a guide for the Bunker because it really isn’t that confusing and it’s much more linear than the house was, but, I will cover the most confusing parts.


You need the 2 shutdown keys, the red and the blue, Blue one can be found in the cow room, red one in the footlocker on B2. The code for this one is ACID spelled out in numbers, with A=1 B=2, and so on. If you’re really that lazy the code is
The most confusing part for me were the shutdown codes you had to enter after putting in the red and blue key, so here they are

Blue: B2 , A2 , C4 , B1, B3 , C1 , A4 , C2

Red: A1 , B2 , C3 , B3 , A3 , A4

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