Steam Engine Simulator: All Achievements Guide

Kuddos to the devs, it’s actually been quite fun to figure out how to unlock some of those.


Annoy ATG and Apologize to ATG

For the Annoy ATG achievement just click on the “A” icon at the corner of the screen a few times until the screen turns a devilish red (I’m calling it Hell mode from now on).
Then type “sorry” so it turns back to normal and that will unlock the Apologize to ATG achievement.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

For this one you will want to zoom out the screen all the way and search on the bottom-left corner (away from the steam machine) for a message that says “Why are you out here?”. It’s not that hard to find and the achievement should unlock automatically.
Afterwards, you can just right-click with the mouse so that the machine is re-centered in the frame.

Speed achievements

So far there’s only the Speed Demon and Speed Devil achievements that are related to the max rpm you can reach with the steam machine. The process is pretty much the same for both, but as far as I can tell, the Speed Devil one can only be achieved when you are in Hell mode.
First you’re going to disable the relief valve by pressing “X”, then turn the heat to 100% and fill the water tank with the “L” key¬†(TIP: you can hold L and click on any other application on your desktop so that the tank can be continuously refilled). Wait until the pressure hits a max of 300 PSI and then, release the brake and open the throttle valve unitl it reaches around 42~43%. I was able to reach a max rpm of 3517.6 with this method.

Steam Freak and Time for a Rebuild

Those I have yet to unlock but so far what I’ve been doing is just leave the game running on the background while the engine works at max speed and water capacity (just use the tip from the previous section for this one). Eventually you will unlock all of the “boil water” and “x number of revolutions” related achievements.

Final Thoughts

I did not include the steam whistler (CHOO CHOOOO!) and project supporter achievements since they are self explanatory.
I’m looking forward for future updates and for what the devs can come up with next.

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