Steelrising: Best Performance Setting

In order to get the best performance open your settings.json in your documents/Steelrising folder and under graphic edit these settings.

(make a backup of the file before changing the values)

"graphic": {
"displayMode": "FULLSCREEN",
"resolutionX": 1920,
"resolutionY": 1080,
"refreshRate": 144.00100708007813,
"screenIndex": 0,
"vsync": 0,
"shadowQuality": "LOW",
"shadowCascadeDistanceQuality": "LOW",
"undergrowthDistanceQuality": "LOW",
"terrainUberTesselation": "DISABLE",
"lodDistanceQuality": "LOW",
"clothQuality": "LOW",
"ssaoQuality": "DISABLED",
"aaQuality": "TAA",
"particlesQuality": "LOW",
"refractionQuality": "LOW",
"texturesQuality": "LOW",
"anisotropicQuality": "LOW",
"gamma": 1.0,
"resolutionRatio": 1.0,
"fovMultiplier": 0.5,
"isHdr": false,[/b] 
"reflectionQuality": "LOW",
"illuminationQuality": "LOW",
"raytracingEnabled": "DISABLE",
"upscaling": "FSR",
"foliageAnimation": "DISABLE",
"dlssMode": "AUTO",
"fsrMode": "ULTRA_QUALITY"

I get 90 – 130 fps with these on a GTX1070 & i5-12600k

Other basic improvement tips unrelated to Steelrising:

NVIDIA control panel:

  • preferred refresh rate: highest available
  • sharpening on if preferred: search for regedit fix if you want to add it back to programs and not just under global settings
  • max frequency at 72 fps + vsync at half monitor refresh rate IF you have a 144Hz monitor and get between 80 and 144 frames.
  • pre rendered frames at 1
  • low latency: on

Windows & Software

  • add the game in windows graphics settings: high performance
  • use intelligent standby list cleaner if you have ram stutters. (please inform yourself before using it)

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