Stick Fight The Game: General Tips that Everyone Should Know

If you want to annoy your friends, make players rage quit, get good or just have fun then this is the guide for you.


~General Game-sense

Just general knowledge you should have for certain situations.

Focus on yourself, not other players. Just focus on surviving.

Gravity is key to many situations. If you are on a crate map which mainly focuses on balance
and gravity, use that to your advantage and push the crates towards the other player so they fall off
their own. It isn’t always about hands on combat.

-Try to utilise blocking often, as it has saved me many times in situations where other players
have guns and i only have my fists. You must time this right though, as it is quite difficult to deflect
the bullets.

-If you play with your friends often, try to memorise their playstyle and how they move. If you
can predict them and counter their attacks, you are set for a fun, fun time.

Don’t get toxic, just have fun! This goes for any game and every game. Just enjoy the game
and play. Because at the end of the day, spamming ‘ez’ really is quite cringe, and you won’t get
anything out of it.

~Tips and tactics

How to utilise different parts of maps and weapons to your advantage

-If you have a snake gun (preferably the shotgun) try to get into the air or higher than the other
players and shoot the snakes down on them, and watch them drown in a pool of snakes.

-Stay away from the lightsaber. Chances are, you won’t get it and it really isn’t worth it lol.

-High cps is good for turning a pistol into a literal machine gun, so try butterfly clicking or drag

-You can hang onto the edges of the map and camp there for a while, then when a player tries to
shoot you, aim your block upwards and it might deflect on them. (not always effective).

-In boss maps, try your best to get the boss every time or you have pretty much no chance of

-You can try and kill players with your fists before any guns arrive, just make sure you are better than
them at melee fights.

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