Still There: Walkthrough (100% Achievements)

Relatively fast and easy way to get all achievements in one run.


day 1
Follow the training and as soon as you get freedom scroll to the right of control panel and pick up the card with a blue label. Scroll back and insert the card into the socket to the left of keyboard. Solve the puzzle and get your break. Go into the kitchen, open the oven and pick up the pot and fill it with water in the bathroom. Go back into the kitchen, add the food of your choice (except for milk and cereals). By the way go and feed the tuatara 2 torquoise packs with leaf, check the temperature – from now on it should always be just above the middle. Put your pot in the oven and, warm it and have a dinner. Talk to Gorky and use the panel with joystick to grab the capsule (adjust the image on the first screen first and then grab the capsule using any of two other screens). Open the capsule and take the moka and the coffee, then go into the bathroom, relieve the need and recycle your urine. Fill the moka with water, add some coffee and put the moka on the burner. Meanwhile go to the control panel and find the cup. Drink the coffee and repeat 4 more times to get the achievement.
Go back to the control panel and select the second daily task. Pull down the periscope (it’s a bit higher and to the left of the main screen) and turn it on. Search for the constellation you need, acknowledge the star with the highest radiation and then write and send the letter on the Ray Mail page (eg. 0,52 0,16 10,2). Select the last daily task, scroll to the right, where you found the card with the blue label, and arrange the jumpers: output 6 – input 7 and output 7 – input 2. Gorky then will offer you the chess game, accept it and solve the puzzle  and get the achievement.
Before using the syringe, take the toothbrush and toothpaste, combine it in the inventory and use it.

day 2
Try to refresh the signal, then pick the amplifier on the periscope and insert it in the socket to the right of the radio. Arrange the jumpers: output 2 – input 8, output 8 – input 7, output 7 – input 6. Go into the kitchen and pick the fork up (meanwhile feed the tuatara 2 packages of food again) and use it on the panel behind the microphone. Turn the toy off and refresh the signal. On the radio click on the crown icon and talk to Elle. Click on the sos icon and talk to Grey. Arrange the jumpers: 2-7, 7-6, 6-7, 7-2. You can either to solve the puzzle using satellites or fill in the post-it on the main screen straightaway

Talk to Grey through the radio, then to Elle again. Complete the daily constellation task. The next task is about playing the piano. Check the manual (sinusoidal icon page) and repeat the scheme on ctrl-12. Arrange the jumpers: output 4 – input 1. Synchronize the waves on the little screen using ctrl 10-11-12. Then play Arpeggio del Radiofaro: 1st white key for 1 beat, 6th white key for 3 beats, 5th white key for 1 beat, 3rd white key for 1 beat. Select the last daily task and arrange the jumpers: 2-7, 7-6, 6-7, 7-2 or use the pattern underneath the panel. Recycle your urine and make some food before making the injection and going to sleep.

day 3
The first daily task for today is about constellations. Look into the periscope to find out it’s broken. Leave a tally mark on the wall in the bathroom. Feed the tuatara last package and remove the hard disk to replace the one in periscope. The periscope is working now, but you have to identify the names manually. Remember it’s name in the task and search through the post-its around the station. Send the mail and talk to Grey. The cooling fluid cycle broke down, run to tuatara and adjust the temperature (it should be just above the middle). The leakage is in decompression room, pick the plate under the pipe and look for sticky cube in the fridge. Connect all three wires under the burner to the lowest plug and place combined plate and cube on the burner. Open the panel to the left of the fridge and adjust valves’ position as shown:
and use the red lever. As soon as the temperature is lowered use the plate with glue on the leakage hole. Run to the tuatara and adjust the temperature. Use the red lever again.
The next daily task is to play the piano again. Arrange jumpers to 4-1, synchronize the waves with ctrl 10-11-12 and play: 7th white 2 beats, 5th white 2 beats, 3rd black 1 beat for two times, 1st black 4 beats.
Use the established jumper shortcuts to complete the last daily task.
During the dialog with Elle use the path: ask her about the control panel, ask about instructions, about symbols, and change the topic – ask about the crank and ask to rotate it clockwise and couterclockwise. Talk to Gorky, move the microphone to his speaker and call Elle.
The oven is broken, but repeat the procedure of ‘cooking’ nevertheless and replace the fuses under the oven with fork and knife. Use the syringe after dinner and go to sleep.

day 4
Talk to Grey and get the achievement.
Wear the space suit and solve the O2 puzzle. You can either use the manual here or just follow these steps. Find ctrl-2 and ctrl-4. Look at the main screen and turn handle 4 in order to connect left and top pipes. Turn both handles 1 and 2 to connect down and right. Set high pressure for handles B, E and D. Remove the pressure for handles F and C. Use handles 3 and 5 to connect top and right. Turn handle 6 to connect down and right. In case of problems check the positions of ctrl-2.
You can either go the hard way trying to hide the Bento or you can do this: open the discovery routine folder and then click on Bento. Turn off an echo in the ping menu. Click on the second satellite and enter Bento’s private key (0471AF) and hit overwrite.
Don’t forget to leave a tally mark on the wall in the bathroom. Tuatara didn’t get through the O2 leakage, so pick it up and place it in the capsule in the decompression room. Say your goodbyes and sent it to the endless space.
Call Elle, then replace the bulb in the radio with the bulb in the fridge’s bottom plate when needed. Ask Gorky for advice and send the mail. Call Elle again.

day 5
Talk to Elle, leave a tally mark in the bathroom, then use the milk and cereals to make a breakfast.
Insert the card with green label into the socket to the left of keyboard and use the manual to learn the instructions for the next puzzle (right side of the last page). Work on ctrl-7-8, where 0 is lowered level and 1 is raised lever. Use ctrl-3 to shut down.
Press ESC as soon as credits start to get the achievement.
Look for four colored keys around the station. Check behind the soap bar in the bathroom, check under the pillow in the bedroom, check the cooling system panel and the highest shelf in the kitchen, behind the packages. Insert all the keys in power-1 panel. Rotate them to get this result:
Make sure all the switches pqc-2 are up and press the red button.
Read the mails and talk to Deidre. Feed yourself and call Elle.

day 6
Talk to Elle, wear the space suit. Play a song and forgive Gorky. Leave a tally mark in the bathroom. Take the floppy disk from under the books beside the bed and use it with Gorky’s panel. Press the red big button in the decompression room, have a chat and press another button.
Watch the credits till the end.

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